What would be the apt certification?

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    I graduated with a masters degree in Management and Information Systems. After that I have started working in the Business Intelligence wing of health domain company. My daily duties include creating reports with SS Reporting services. Primarily I write complex reports and create efficient stored procedures (Involves using SSMS to create tons of queries). I would like to advance my career further and I am looking for ways to improve my skill set. Is there any particular certification Microsoft or Non Microsoft that would aid me in improving my skills set? I have no experience as a DBA my work experience has been limited to Reporting and Analysis services alone? I would appreciate any advice in this respect.

    I appreciate you taking time in answering my query.

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    You dont mention which version(s) of sql server that you work with, but in your position I would be tempted to go for the microsoft certification that focuses on BI (Business Intelligence). Not being a DBA wouldnt stop you from taking the exams and it sounds like you have the experience.

    MCTS: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Business Intelligence Exam 70-445

    MCTS: SQL Server 2008, Business Intelligence Development and Maintenance Exam 70-448

    You can find out more on the microsoft site, or check out other topics in this forum where others have passed these exams.

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    I have worked with SQL Server 2005 and have started working with the 2008 suite. The same prompted me to work with Reporting services 2005 and 2008.

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    I just took (and Passed) the 70-445 test yesterday. With your background in SSRS and SSAS this cert would be the easiest one to study for. You will need to focus on SSIS and the Administrative ascpects of RS and AS because there are lots of questions on these topics. The test covers a wide variety of topics and is pretty challenging if you have been on the dev side with limited admin responsibilities (like me)



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