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  • Reply To: Non-Hierarchical Totalling in a Hierarchical Cube - Is it even possible?

    Hmm, interesting. I was using ‘bog standard’ excel accessing the database, will have to try/investigate power pivot. I have users trying to reconcile figures using management studio, but the grouping...

  • RE: TSQL "where - 101"

    The question said "every employee", that should be clear enough, one record per employee. If you DISTINCT, you get list of peoples names, not people.

    "There's Brian over there, and that's...

  • RE: Merge Targets


    I was somewhat gobsmacked when I saw the percentage of people that got this wrong.

    Then I read this thread.


    I got confused by "suppotys"

  • RE: Character Field Declaration

    No problem 😎

    It's funny, mind: I did think that making it Char(32) I was giving it away, but the right answer was by no means getting 90% of respondents getting...

  • RE: SQLServerCentral apologizes and you can win a book

    Is it OK if I copy and paste one of the code sections from higher up?

    (Whoa!!! OK, not really going to!)





    ,ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY ID_key, Party_No) -


  • RE: Normal Forms and Data Integrity

    Four Points! Yay!

    I understood this question not at all. but I figured the correct answer had to be number two of five, the one above "this can never happen" which...

  • RE: Matching Missing Field

    I guess what I'm not getting my head around is, what exactly is that subquery returning?

    (select col1 from TblA2 where TblA1.col2 = TblA2.col2)

    Is it returning TblA1.col1? If so that's reeeeeeally...

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)