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  • RE: Undo database changes

    Moving the backup to your local machine should be easy if you have FTP access to any of the directory on the server.

    Take a full backup of the db...

  • RE: Undo database changes

    Ian's idea is good. But before anything can you confirm whether the database's recovery model is full by running the below query?

    select databasepropertyex('DBNAME', 'recovery')

  • RE: Continuous Monitoring

    We used a tool called HP Open view in one of my previous companies...neat software and nearly monitors everything.

    In my current company we use a tool called Argent for alerting

  • RE: Truncate Table command and transactional replication?

    Thank you!



  • RE: Backup Schema / Table

    To the best of my knowledge, there is no such feature by deafult in SSMS 2005. I guess there are 3rd party tools that might help you do this.

    Scripting out...

  • RE: 2000 to 2005, restore or attach - which is better?

    Attach/Detach is definitely faster than backup/restore. The only thing I can think of is logins (but i guess this would happen with backup/restore too). Again, you can use the SSIS...

  • RE: Get columns from query analyser HELP !

    In Management Studio, Go to Tools->Options->Query Results->Results To Text and in Output format change it to CSV.

    While executing the query, select Results to File (option in the toolbar) in query...

  • RE: how to show the last date in the month

    [font="Verdana"]Based on your situation use one of the below -

    select id, max(workdate), max(val_unit) from empwork1

    group by id

    select, e.date_e, e.val_unit from empwork1 e


    (select id, max(date_e) as wd from...

  • RE: Data Import

    There is a way in SQL-DMO where you can script out objects. Google it...

    Once the scripts are generated, you can use bcp to pull and push the data. You would...

  • RE: Is linking servers a good idea?

    One more thing with linked servers is, you can issue queries WITH (NOLOCK)....

  • RE: Data Import

    I will assume it is SQL 2005. If yes, right click on the database name in SSMS. Go to Tasks->Export Data.... and hopefully from here, it should be self-explanatory for...

  • RE: Backing up multiple stored procedures into individual text files

    [font="Verdana"]Right click on the database in SSMS. Go to Tasks->Generate Scripts.

    Go with the defaults in the wizard till you come to the page to select object types. Select Stored Procedures....

  • RE: Interview Questions -BackUp

    [font="Verdana"]Is it possible to take a differential backup when a database is in simple recovery?[/font]

  • RE: Tools You Need


    I use Visio quite a bit for designing databases using ORM (Object Role Modeling). I find it really helpful. Obviously, there is scope for improvement. Hopefully, MS will...

  • RE: Logins, Users, and Roles - Getting Started

    Hi Andy,

    This is a wondeful article for anyone who is new to SQL Server. When I started of with SQL Server I had major gaps in my understanding...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)