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  • RE: How many rows are returned from the query below?

    Fatal Exception Error (3/4/2010)

    I find it ironic that the people who assumed the user table existed and had more than two rows are the same people who assume that people...

  • RE: How many rows are returned from the query below?

    antony-688446 (3/3/2010)

    Agree that QOTD is supposed to be fun & educational, and not taken seriously, but should also be clear & unambiguous. After all, assumption is the Mother & Father...

  • RE: How many rows are returned from the query below?

    I think sometimes people complain just to complain.

    Maybe we can set up two threads for every question - one for learning one for whining?

    Assumption 1: I am using a version...

  • RE: NULL & 'NULL'

    So I was like, of course they are null. you do not ahve to set it to null it is already null so of course the answer is A.


  • RE: Dynamic SQL

    Steve Eckhart (1/5/2010)

    Like others, I answered A because it returned "the expected output": NULL. Option C returns an error:

    I am guilty of copying and pasting when I do not know...

  • RE: ^ : T-SQL

    I almost slected 4 (Joe's ID) then I noticed the * and realized there was only one column in the answer. I had to go back and read the...

  • RE: Preventing usage of "SELECT *..."

    Al-279884 (11/5/2009)

    ... I will find the next comfortable solution: drag the [Columns] node into Query Editor...

    I never knew this was possible. I do not use SQL as much as...

  • RE: Ceiling, Floor and Round!

    slange-862761 (10/28/2009)

    cengland0 (10/28/2009)

    Don't they realize 3.6 and 3.6000 is the same value and it's more proper to delete the extra zeros?

    Not sure I agree that it is more "proper". Depending...

  • RE: T-SQL Fun

    I thought there was a trick or something because this was not difficult logic, but using AND or OR can be made more complicated with inequalities. I think the...

  • RE: Access

    I read it and figured it could be answered both ways so I had a 50 - 50 change to get it right. I chose TEXT data type in...

  • RE: Data types

    No, let me apologize, you did not offend me. I just do not know what the "O universe" is.

    I suppose I should have written, "What is the ""O universe""?"


  • RE: Data types

    Oleg (6/18/2009)

    infamous varchar2 in the O universe


  • RE: left, right and %

    I got the right and left part, I even figured it would convert as needed. What I couldn't do, was remember how Modulo worked. For some reason I...

  • RE: not like?

    kevin.l.williams (3/23/2009)

    Lynn Pettis (3/23/2009)

    kevin.l.williams (3/23/2009)

    I know why the null value is not returned but I am puzzled by the explanation.

    "Since col2 is used in the WHERE clause, the output does...

  • RE: Transactions

    Mine ran for a while with no results so being the impatient person I am I decided to see what would happen if I ran the first one again. ...

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