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  • RE: More Conversion Fun

    Come to think of it, 30 makes some sense -- 30 characters and two more to hold the "real" length make 32, a power of two (just a guess).

    How much...

  • RE: More Conversion Fun

    I wonder why 30?

  • RE: Conversion Fun

    Holy crap, the Code Gestapo is going to make his rounds!

    I am removing all comments from any code that may point back to me. What do you think about...

  • RE: Conversion Fun

    Did I miss a month somewhere?

  • RE: TSQL

    So it adds a temp table into memory or on the permamnent media or both? How long does the temp table last?

    There have been times when I want to...

  • RE: Data Type

    David (2/5/2009)

    I was not 100% sure of my answer, but I picked the one that was not capitalized likt the others. And I have never seen a data type...

  • RE: Performance trace

    I was thinking in thousanths of a second. Isn't that what VB uses or am I just several zeros off everywhere?

  • RE: Remote backup with SSMS Express

    It turns out I am on a shared server so I cannot backup to a directory that is accessable by FTP.

    Looking at SSMS Exp. I cannot find where to backup...

  • RE: Remote backup with SSMS Express


    I just submitted a ticket to find out where on the server I can put the .bak file and still have ftp access to it.

Viewing 9 posts - 31 through 39 (of 39 total)