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  • RE: AG failover script during real DR situation

    You will need to perform a manual forced failover on the 3rd DR replica. 
    Have a read here , but basically you will need to failover choosing with or...

  • RE: Basic availability group

    Yes, with Basic Availability Groups you can only have 1 x database and IP assigned per BAG. 
    If you applications needs 1 x connection string/listener name, BAGs won't work for...

  • RE: Need Help to convert DATETIME result into DATE on SQL Server

    Your issue is that the Date supplied '0001-01-01' results in out of range error, as it is less than the minimum DATE value accepted. 
    Minimum Date should be DECLARE...

  • RE: Resource Groups

    The answers did not satisfy the options. 
    If you chose the "Classic deployment" approach, the answer could have been Azure Resource Groups focused and be wrong anyway.

    Answers lacked...

  • RE: exec sp_whoisactive + cpu

    You could make use of WMI query and alerting by starting sp_who2 embedded in a SQL Agent job. 
    Just modify the threshold duration and utilization load percentage as required. 

  • RE: I can't insert Arabic Text with Braces

    When I copy and paste your post in normal notepad:

    and SSMS:

    Have you played with regional settings and Language on the OS level? (stab in...

  • RE: How do I have dbo?

    what roles is this group a member of?

    My account is in the BUILTIN\Users Windows Group. This group has not been assigned any server roles. 

    Check the...

  • RE: How do I have dbo?

    run the following to review your server permissions:

    SELECT pr.principal_id,,
    pr.type_desc,   pe.state_desc,
    FROM sys.server_principals AS pr JOIN sys.server_permissions AS pe  
    ON pe.grantee_principal_id...

  • RE: Database Scoped Configuration

    Nice question, thanks Steve

  • RE: output time only

    Yes, use CONVERT(VARCHAR(5),TimeOfVisit,108)

  • RE: output time only

    Unsure which column you want the time only in your query, but add or replace with cast(TimeOfVisit as TIME)
    This will give you hh:mm:ss.nnnnn

  • RE: SQL Server express 2017 Limitaions

    10GB is the limit for your data file. 
    If you have multiple data files, the limit applies to the collective sizing, so you can not have 2 x 10GB data...

  • RE: String or binary data would be truncated

    Agree with you Japie, although I think there should be a function to override truncation on normal inserts. 
    If I understand Steve correct, we'd like something similar to SSIS, to...

  • RE: SQL Server express 2017 Limitaions

    SQL Server Express does not provide the functionality to create maintenance plans, or schedule them. 
    Please familiarize yourself with the limitations of the Editions here

  • RE: SQL Server express 2017 Limitaions

    You can use Ola's scripts, with Windows Task Scheduler: 

    How do I get started with the SQL Server Maintenance Solution on SQL Server Express?

    SQL Server Express has no SQL...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 1,080 total)