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  • RE: Is there any testing tool available to test SQL proc / functions

    only4mithunc (4/17/2011)

    Hi friends,

    Is there any testing tool available for the testing of SQL Stored procedures/functions? . Like the Nunit testing , NAND for .Net code I'm looking for some testing...

  • RE: where to learn 'advanced' querying

    All of the above. Reading everything you can lay hands on is really useful, especially if it's something you have already read about but presented from a different perspective....

  • RE: Does a development DBA need to learn language. ?

    ... Went back to being an FTE on a salary and doing some consulting work on the side. Of course, you really have to be careful not to...

  • RE: Does a development DBA need to learn language. ?

    Jeff Moden (3/21/2010)

    I guess I'm the oddball. I've totally removed myself from such languages and have concentrated on T-SQL. Sounds stupid, I know, but when folks hire me,...

  • RE: Does a development DBA need to learn language. ?

    CirquedeSQLeil (3/17/2010)

    As I have read more comments on the topic, I would have to sway more favorably to the definitely learn .Net side of the fence. ...

    I'm late to the...

  • RE: Checking Up on Developers

    Michael Lysons (5/8/2009)

    Good grief, sweeping generalisation about developers there, Steve. Seems to me that if a developer is implementing incorrect indexes etc, then it's actually the DBAs fault for...


    Atif Sheikh (5/6/2009)

    SELECT do not change the value if it is not initialized by the statement. Also, if the multiple records returned from the SELECT statement, the value of last...


    I'm also in the It Depends camp. One of the determining factors is the source of the value going into the variable. If it's coming from a SELECT...

  • RE: spid blocked itself

    karthikeyan (2/18/2009)

    Hi Gurus,

    I ran one process in of the sqlserver 2000 database that process id was 230 and same process was blocked itself.

    why is it happend frequently.

    Thanks in advance.

    Sorry for...

  • RE: Staging table population

    dhanasekar.palani (1/28/2009)

    I have a main table which has 55 million rows..I am populating a staging table from the main table with the conditions as from date to date...I wrote...

  • RE: SQL or Oracle

    Jeff Moden (1/16/2009)

    hb21l6 (1/16/2009)

    It would appear that I have made a bit of a stir with this question. Sorry all,

    I think I’ll just stick at my MS SQL. Should be...

  • RE: Image is Everything

    Interesting topic and lots of good feedback. The whole image question falls under the opinion category and, as we all know, opinions are like feet. Everyone has them...

  • RE: Common Mistakes in T-SQL

    hbpank (12/30/2008)

    what are the Common Mistakes in T-SQL ?

    For example: @@Error gives correct value in next line only. after that it Value gets Reset.

    Do we have any compilation...

  • RE: Return Average build cost based on last 5 Orders

    Philip Horan (12/30/2008)

    Hi. Where to begin....I need to arrive at an average build cost for a Product taking into account all associated costs.


    Hi, Phil. You may have already gotten...

  • RE: Deleting temp tables in the system "tempdb".

    Warren Peace (12/30/2008)


    I was thinking the same thing.

    She must speak in HEX.

    So now we know - Gail's smart AND hexy! :w00t:

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