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  • RE: Generate Scripts - why isn't db_datareader priv granted??

    If you are moving to a different server or instance, you will need to transfer the LOGINs before creating the Database, see:


  • RE: Compatibility Level 90

    Restore a recent copy of your production database, change it to 90, drop and create all stored procedures, views, functions. Save all objects that cause errors and correct for update...

  • RE: SQL - Derived Tables

    Great article.

    We have been using the derived table as a great complex query design tool:

    Break the complex query into derived tables, generally by the specific table's restrictions.

    Then JOIN the individual...

  • RE: New Version

    Talk about a trick question...

    The QOD for 12/31/2007 asks about this year and does not provide a None answer as no SQL Server version RTMs this Year (2007).

    I chose...

  • RE: OpenRowSet Without linking servers


    SELECT A.*

    FROM database.dbo.table AS B

    LEFT JOIN OPENROWSET('MSDASQL', 'Driver={SQL SERVER};SERVER=server\instance;UID=user;PWD=pass'

    ,'SELECT * FROM database.dbo.table') AS A

    ON B.PlantID = A.PlantID AND B.RuleType = A.RuleType AND B.RulePrefix = A.RulePrefix

    AND B.RuleSuffix = A.RuleSuffix...

  • RE: Three Months

    Funny, the links to the new version error...

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  • RE: error 17806, 18542 -- login

    You will have to either open a hole in the firewall for SSPI or change the Logins to SQL Sever.

    The error is telling you that SQL Server cannot contact...

  • RE: warning from SQL server 2005 Upgrade Advisor

    I believe that the Description "should" tell you that there is a reference to the non-existant VIEWCHECKOPT object somewhere in the database, probably in a stored procedure.

    It would have...

  • RE: Cursor and SetBased Thearoy

    While not exactly set based, there is no cursor, temp table, or loop required:

    DECLARE @SQL varchar(8000)

    SELECT @SQL = ISNULL(@SQL,'')+'TRUNCATE TABLE [' + name + ']; '

    FROM sysobjects   

    WHERE type ='U' ...

  • RE: I have two tables, each table needs


    SELECT LOWER(DatabaseImagesList.Path

            + DatabaseImagesList.Directory

            + '\' + DatabaseImagesList.FileName) AS MissingFile

    FROM DatabaseImagesList

            LEFT JOIN DiskImagesList ON LOWER(DatabaseImagesList.Path

                            + DatabaseImagesList.Directory

                            + '\' + DatabaseImagesList.FileName)

                                    = LOWER(DiskImagesList.Folder


  • RE: decimal places on money cast

    Please define in what program you are running the query.

    "Showing" is the application's decision, try using Query Analyzer and Results to Text output, you should always see 4 decimal...

  • RE: Sharepoint Single Signon configuration

    To fix the NetBIOS name use issue, make sure that the SQL Server's NIC has the WINS server setting, then issue the "nbstat -RR" command to release and register the...

  • RE: why parameter inclusion causes less records

    Try this:

    SELECT tblMain.field1, tblMain.field2, GRPLDR.GLPerson

    FROM tblMain

        LEFT JOIN (SELECT Person AS GLPerson, WPIdentifier

            FROM SigAuth WHERE Title = 'Specific Value') AS GRPLDR

        ON tblMain.WPIdentifier = GRPLDR.WPIdentifier

            AND GRPLDR.GLPerson...

  • RE: BCP error -Unable to open BCP host data-file

    This can also be caused by the account BCP is using, since you are using SQL Login, this will be either:

    Your account if excuted from Command line

    The SQL Server service...

  • RE: BCP - Final CR/LF

    Look in BOL for using a Format file for BCP, or use the -r row terminator parameter to define the file format that you desire.

    If you are saying that you...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 426 total)