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  • RE: Stored procedure naming prefix

    Maninder S. (7/3/2008)

    Well i think everybody should start using the schema based Sepration Procedures for all objects. that will also be helpful in distinguishing the Objects and relate them...

  • RE: Stored procedure naming prefix

    RonKyle (7/7/2008)

    I would recommend as a MINIMUM that all the stored procs you create be abbreviated usp_ for "user stored procedure." Not only does that avoid the sp_ issue...

  • RE: Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 18456


    state 16 = "default database not accessible"

  • RE: Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 18456

    vyas (11/22/2007)

    Check server's error log where a corresponding entry will be written.

    Is this the SQL Server log or the Windows Event Log?

    [Edit: The messages appear in both logs,...

  • RE: Regular Service

    Jeff Moden (5/1/2010)

    ...While I'm here... have any of you had any problems with getting 2k8 Dev Edition to install on Windows 7?

    I installed SQL 2008 Developer Edition on Wondows 7...

  • RE: Regular Service

    bwillsie-842793 (4/28/2010)

    I vote for SP's on a regular basis. My gut instincts tell me that cherry picking CUs is going to cause me problems at some point.

    I also look...

  • RE: Concrete Code

    Mike Hinds (4/27/2010)

    Still, rebar in concrete won't crumble, unlike its T-SQL counterpart.

    Regrettably, this side of the Atlantic, there have been re-enforced concrete bridges and buildings where the Re-Bars rusted and...

  • RE: Concrete Code

    I would term the approach adopting a pragmatic approach rather than a "purist" approach.

  • RE: What is the value of SCOPE_IDENTITY()

    An excellent question! - Thank you!

  • RE: Map IP Address to a Geographical Location

    Whilst the article was very good, I would like to issue a note of caution; even if the address does not appear to be that of a DHCP pool used...


    Continuing on the humour on this thread, please see

  • RE: Code Writing Code

    I have been writing stored procedures for some time that not only write stored procedures using the table definitions as Steve mentions in his editorial, but also write the required...

  • RE: Timing is Everything

    craig.nixon (2/28/2010)

    I think it's better to use the international UTC time standard and convert to local as necessary.

    This is much the best way of handling multiple time zones.

  • RE: Timing is Everything

    stevet-1034619 (2/26/2010)

    ...and why does it have to be Mean time? Can't it be Happy time? Can't we all just get along?


    The M in GMT is not Mean as in nasty...

  • RE: Concatenation Cursor

    nicolasallan (2/25/2010)

    Thanks Clive,

    ... There are various workarounds to this "feature", follow the above link if you're interested.


    Thank you for the link.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 47 total)