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  • RE: Timing is Everything

    GSquared (2/25/2010)

    UTC would be better, in my opinion, than local time.

    As I understand it, the Dot Net development team now wish that that had stored all times as UTC/GMT and...

  • RE: Timing is Everything

    TimJL (2/26/2010)

    For a start we should stop pandering to the French and go back to calling it good old GMT. Then we should abandon the abomination of Time zones and...

  • RE: Concatenation Cursor

    nicolasallan (2/25/2010)

    ... beware of the ORDER BY gotchya. ... I believe this is a SQL Server bug..?

    If it is a bug and you can create a script...

  • RE: The R2 Penalty

    Steve Jones - Editor (2/17/2010)

    I do think it's unfair that we cannot buy an older product that meets our needs.

    I agree.

  • RE: Concatenation Cursor

    I tried the following:

    declare @table table (id int, [name] varchar(10), gender char(1))

    declare @MaleNames varchar(255)

    insert into @table values (1,'John','M')

    insert into @table values (2,'Sue','F')

    insert into @table values (3,'Jane','F')

    insert into @table values (4,'Mark','M')


  • RE: The R2 Penalty

    Thank you one and all for the warning.

  • RE: Concatenation Cursor

    An excellent question! Thank you for posting it!

  • RE: The Community Has Been Heard

    >All we need is for MS to fully test and roll up the CUs into a SP on at least a yearly basis, just seems lately their attention has been...


    "TRUE or FASLE" - good question but in need of a spell check!

    A simple experiment with "fasle" shows that the spell check ignores words in capitals!

  • RE: Caution with EXCEPT

    Thank you for the article.

  • RE: Service Pack 4

    I have cited your editorial on the Service Pack availability at

    I note that as of writing this that 882 people have voted for Service Pack 4 for SQL Server...

  • RE: T-SQL

    According to ms-help://MS.SQLCC.v10/MS.SQLSVR.v10.en/s10de_6tsql/html/edd92f08-76fb-4fd7-a4b6-8520d6a81df1.htm IN is an operator!

  • RE: Service Pack 4

    Steve Jones - Editor (12/27/2009)I'd stick with SPs. One a year seemed like too few, but I'd be happy if we could just get that one.

    I also look forward to...

  • RE: A Fundamental Security Mistake


    May I suggest that you post your suggestion on the MS Connect site at and post the URL of your suggestion to this thread.

    Anybody with...

  • RE: Is C# Better?

    >I guess, then, that you would enjoy COBOL and be tickled pink by RPG-400.

    In its particular domain, RPG was (and is) a very powerful programming language. A matching records program...

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