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  • RE: Do Interviews Work?

    LightVader (5/17/2012)

    Chris Hamam (5/17/2012)

    From my experience, starting someone as a freelance contractor makes far more sense to me.

    That's how I was hired most recently, only they called me a temp...

  • RE: Do Interviews Work?

    Great article Steve - as usual - and good timing too, as there is a fair amount of discussion taking place on different approaches currently, including a mixture of the...

  • RE: Automate Sliding Window Partition Management: Part I

    Hugh Scott (12/14/2010)

    amenjonathan (12/14/2010)

    Thanks merlin for your reply and Hugh for this article. Looking forward to the next two installments.

    Anybody have any idea what happens when you do not add...

  • RE: Truncate Table Partition command

    IF EXISTS (SELECT * FROM sys.objects WHERE object_id = OBJECT_ID(N'[dbo].[truncate_partition]') AND type in (N'P', N'PC'))

    DROP PROCEDURE [dbo].[truncate_partition]



    - Procedure Name: dbo.TRUNCATE_PARTITION

    - Date of creation: 06-Jan-2010

    - Author- Mr. Vidhaydhar Vijay Pandekar


  • RE: Truncate Table Partition command

    Great script Vidya!! Thanks for posting this!

    I found the earlier comments from Maurice and JFoster quite helpful as I encountered the same issues.

    I also found that if the exisitng partition...

  • RE: SQL Server Trace Flags

    Thanks Tim, it's good to see this important list is being updated

    Cheers mate


  • RE: SQL Server Trace Flags


    Have been looking for a Central trace flag list for ages - and now it exists on SSC - nice one!


  • RE: More Support for Customers

    Hi Steve

    Not sure this line in the article was intended?

    "SQL Server 2008 RTM just ended its support lifetime"

  • RE: T-SQL

    Christian Buettner-167247 (1/8/2010)

    SSSolice (1/7/2010)

    In light of all the confusion, I respectfully apologize to everyone for not making the question more clear in the first place.:blush:

    Well you posted a question and...

  • RE: T-SQL

    brdudley (1/7/2010)

    This help page lists the logical operators ( including IN.

    I don't doubt that an entire clause containing IN is a predicate, but perhaps IN is the operator...

  • RE: Saving Time with Proactive DBA Monitoring

    Nice article Sadequl - love your work!


  • RE: Updating Aging Databases

    I agree.

    The policy of not supporting older software versions may work for other platforms, such as office applications to entice "latest & greatest" upgrades, but this approach does not work...

  • RE: A Release from Data

    Great advice Steve - I have just arrived home after a 1.5 hour Tae Kwon Do training session tonight after work.

    We have a tournament Saturday week, just within our club,...

  • RE: Disabling Indexes

    Jeffrey Williams (7/21/2008)

    I have used this feature a lot in an ETL process where it is very useful...

    I agree and also use this technique to speed up table load times,...

  • RE: Pulling Together

    Notice how there is no 'I' in TEAM?

    Furthermore, TEAM is not a word, it is actually an acronym. Simply standing for:





    So for those that hold onto knowledge exclusively, ask yourself...

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