SQL Server Trace Flags

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  • Brillient!!!

    Have been looking for a Central trace flag list for ages - and now it exists on SSC - nice one!


    --Chris Hamam

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  • Be posted, I'll add a few then and now as I find and test them.

    Pleasured while sharing; it will be a privilege if you can share comments for something’s missing or wrong.

  • Thanks...looks like a very comprehensive list.

    To avoid any misunderstanding, it would be good if you acknowledged your sources, when compiling your master list.



  • Will try to include that, though I'm not sure how many I can recall some of them have been taken offline.

  • This ssc article[/url] contains a similar - but much shorter - list and refers to the Transact SQL Reference Guide - but the associated site is, indeed, offline.

    Your list has all these plus much more, which for me makes it much more valuable, but if you don't attempt to quote your sources, there is the risk that it may be misconstrued. 🙂



  • Every flag that I add/edit in my list now on will sure carry sources along with.


  • How about this one?

    DBCC TRACEON(8765)

    This allows the use of variable length data, from ODBC driver.


    So there are more undocumented ones?

    How can we get a complete list of all of them?

  • Ms Support keeps on sharing a few on forums on case to case basis, other wise you may find them in personal blogs. And thanks to contributions from friends like you I'll keep adding ti my list & share them as soon as I have some weitage.

  • This is great, thanks!

  • Hey thanks man.

  • I also use 8765 knowing only that it fixes the issue of a field returning the wrong data length in ODBC. I would love to know if it effects perfomance of other queries run while it is on.

  • Trace flag 8002 treats an affinity mask like a process affinity.

    See this KB for further information: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/818769

  • This is great!

    I really don't like M$ attitude about trace Flags. Why do we have to go through so much trouble to know (and compile) these things?

    * Noel

  • What version(s) does this list apply to?

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