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  • RE: Problem with REPEATABLE READ

    With the REPEATABLE READ transaction isolation level, I am seeing that the reader is blocking the writer but I am not sure why you are not seeing this behavior. Try...

  • RE: Piecemeal Restore in sql server

    In a Piecemeal Restore scenario, after the primary file group is restored, the database can be brought on-line with any secondary file groups that have not been restored being offline....

  • RE: rounding error?

    The results you are getting are documented in Books OnLine under the topics titled "int, bigint, smallint, and tinyint" and "Precision, Scale, and Length"

    the result is weirdly out by a...

  • RE: sql account with connect sql can shutdown sql server

    SSMS is not issuing a SQL command to perform the shutdown but instead, SSMS sending a windows command, so the security is based on the Window Login.

    To demonstrate, do the...

  • RE: what laptop do you use?

    My idea is to get a Dell Latitude E6140

    Do you mean model 6410 ? (transposed the 1 and 4)

    I use a Dell 6510 Dual Core 4Gb RAM, which has...

  • RE: create id's recursive

    Try this:

    ;with EmployeeIds as

    -- Assign Id sequentially using Rank


    ,RANK() OVER ( ORDER BY EmpId) as Id



    ,AllIds as

    -- For all of the Manager Ids, get the assigned Rank



    ,EmployeeIds.Idas Id


  • RE: BAK File Pieces

    First, validate the backup files by executing:


    DISK = 'D:\SQL_BACKUP\db_db1_20101028_1.bak',

    DISK = 'D:\SQL_BACKUP\db_db1_20101028_2.bak',

    DISK = 'D:\SQL_BACKUP\db_db1_20101028_3.bak',

    DISK = 'D:\SQL_BACKUP\db_db1_20101028_4.bak'

    BOL states "Verifies the backup but does not restore it, and checks to see...

  • RE: DDL Triggers - Any Way to By Pass The SET OPTIONS Requirements

    Thanks for posting all the details and source as it made de-bugging and finding a solution much easier.

    I found that adding to the trigger "SET CONCAT_NULL_YIELDS_NULL, ANSI_WARNINGS ON;" immediately after...

  • RE: Convert Image Datatype To Varchar

    You would need an RTF to text converter routine to switch the data-types/ If one creates an RTF with some contents and then opens the file using Notepad, you...

  • RE: Effective Permissions for a group

    It is a bug in SQL Server 2005 Managment Studio. The fix suggested by MS is to use the SQL Server 2008 Managment Studio.

  • RE: SSMA for Sybase - sysqueryplans table

    MS SQL Server query plan information is documented in Books OnLine under "Database Engine", "Technical Reference", "Transact-SQL Reference", "System Views" and finally "Execution Related Dynamic Management Views and Functions". ...

  • RE: Date Puzzle

    QOD Part 2: Is January 31st, 2010 (the original date), the result of:


    SET@StartDateTime= CAST('2010-01-31T00:00:00.000' AS datetime)


  • RE: bcp utility not working

    You are running Sybase's bcp.exe instead of the MS SQL Server ! Here is the output you should get for MS's bcp.exe:

    usage: D:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Tools\Binn\bcp.exe {dbtable | query}...

  • RE: More efficient way

    Just to add to the assistance.

    Please read Lynn Pettis article on calculating a person's age at

    The correct calculation is


    - case when @TodaysDate < dateadd(yy,datediff(yy,Clients.DOB,@TodaysDate),Clients.DOB)

    then 1 else 0 end


  • RE: Server tuning


    Insure that "Maximize data throughput for network applications" is set instead of the default of "Maximize data throughput for file sharing"

    Grant the SQL Server service account the following Windows privileges:


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