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  • RE: Preventing a SP from halting on error

    Take a look at Erland Sommarskog's home page where he has 2 exhaustive article on error handling.

  • RE: Rules not enforced on computed columns

    This actually appears to be a bug in sp_bindrule !!

    If you attempt to add a constraint on the table using

    alter table test_table add constraint test_table_COL3 check(col3 <> 0 )...

  • RE: T-SQL Distinct subquery

    In the example data, there are 2 rows for vendor_number of 001 and bus_name of "Sally"  with the addresss column having values of "24 west st" and "10 South street".  Which one...

  • RE: TSQL Execution inconsistency

    The SQL Server Agent has available certain case-sensitive tokens which are replaced at run time with the actual values.  These are primary used for Alert Response job steps.  There are 15...

  • RE: Accurate CPU count

    When HyperThreading is on, does the extended stored procedure xp_msver return the correct number of CPUs?

    execute master.dbo.xp_msver 'ProcessorCount'

  • RE: Worst Practices - Part 1 of a Very Long Series!

    I agree with you that using Hungarian notation (or reverse Hungarian notation which I prefer) is a Worst Practice. But the cause of the worst practice is using the...

Viewing 6 posts - 1,126 through 1,131 (of 1,131 total)