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  • RE: A Matter of Degree

    I guess you could say I am one of the "stree-wise" guys. I don't even have a formal Associates Degree. I got caught up in a full-time job...

  • RE: Fun with Computers

    Okay, I guess I can be called a hard-core gamer because if I am not programming I can be probably found playing on my XBox 360 - and yes, I...

  • RE: A Fun Poll

    Happy Birthday!  I also just turned 40 on September 6th!  We just cooked out and did our normal daily routine.

  • RE: Portability

    I am using two books - the one from SAMS publishing and the one from McGraw Hill.  The SAMS one is highly technical where the other is more like a...

  • RE: Portability

    We are starting to use BI here where I work and I am trying to explain the need for an OLAP system.  However, the learning curve in using MDX/OLAP is...

  • RE: Prizes

    XBOX 360 for sure with a copy of Gears of War!

  • RE: The Best of the Best

    Where's Microsoft on this list?

  • RE: Beyond Computing

    LOL!  I know all about those Microsoft Points (which soon will probably be the world's uniform currency) as I buy them quite often!  And not just for my XBox, but...

  • RE: Beyond Computing

    And me, I am a 40 year old kid!  I LOVE my XBox 360 and play Gears of War with my 18 year old son quite often.  I even have...

  • RE: Learning SOA

    There was a movie, I seem to recall, that showed a virtual file cabinet.  The user logged into the database, wore those virtual reality glasses and then saw a hand. ...

  • RE: Time Off

    For me, playing Gears of War with my soon-to-be newly adopted son and then taking him to Lake Michigan.  That is relaxing.

  • RE: using sp_executesql

    I got it.  I tried putting the alias in the select statement in the table and it is returning now with the field name alias.

    Thanks for your help.  I am...

  • RE: using sp_executesql

    For now, it is just one simple select count(*) statement that is being returned from the table:


    I am just using that select for test purposes only.

    I have...

  • RE: Advanced XML Processing

    I agree, that was a great article.  Very simple and very worthwhile.

  • RE: Nightmares

    Okay, here is the nightmare that I am currently living.  I work for a small company whose whole mission is to store and keep track of users data.  We employee...

Viewing 15 posts - 106 through 120 (of 120 total)