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  • RE: How to handle Currency Rate Exceptions

    Yes, you are right. This is why I provided a desired output.

    Anyway, I did it differently,...

  • RE: How to handle Currency Rate Exceptions

    Now everybody howl and kneel before Peter Larsson!

    Peter, this is very close to what I was looking for. Thank you.

    I just have to...

  • RE: How to handle Currency Rate Exceptions

    Here is the sample data.

    In the DesiredOutput you find with bright green background the records where the Exceptions have been aplied. In all other records, the Default ConversionRate has...

  • RE: How to handle Currency Rate Exceptions


    The first solution is out of the question It is too static solution. If one of the combinations changes,...

  • RE: Invoking exe(on remote machine) from sql stored proc

    Make the account of the SQL Server service domain admin, and you can do whatever you want. Even execute remote .exe files

  • RE: Primary key violation

    I also vote for Steve's solution. But I would change the second statement using a left join:

    insert INTO Table1

    (Firm, ID)

    select table2.firm, table2.test

    from table2

    LEFT JOIN table1

    ON table2.firm = table1.firm

    WHERE table1.firm IS...

  • RE: Use of Order by on value not column. Need help

    Could you be more specific? Or could you provide some example?

    It seems, that basically you are saying: "I need to order a table, but I cannot use order by on...

  • RE: Start a job on another server.

    What about current process/services rights on the other server?

    Typical problems in this cases are, that the NTuser under which the process trying to start the job has no appropriate permission on...

  • RE: Changing Rogue Database Collations

    Hi Mike!

    You saved me from a lot of trouble!

    For a smaller database it took me a half day to get done this job done "manual".

    When I got to a bigger...

  • RE: Reusing Stored Procedures results


    Thank you Antares for your help!

    Best regards,


  • RE: Reusing Stored Procedures results

    Ok. Thanx everybody for your help.

    But I need some more ideas. The solution I am looking for must be one that is not affecting the code that is already written....

  • RE: INSERT EXEC statement cannot be nested

    Thank you, hurcane, for your help!

    It always helps to see some new solutions!

    Best regards,


  • RE: INSERT EXEC statement cannot be nested

    You are wright. From the example I just gave, this is the conclusion.

    But I simplified my problem in this example.

    Believe me, in may case SoredProc2 is necessary, because it is...

  • RE: record formating

    A (primitive) solution could be joining 4 time the table with itself, like this:


    tbl3.col1, tbl3.col2,

    tbl3.col3, tbl4.col4, tbl5.col5, tbl6.col6


    (select * from #tmp where col3 is not null) tbl3

    inner join


  • RE: Running Sum

    Thank you! :))

    Your's is faster and much more simple. 🙂

    Probably that's why I didn't manage to figure out myself... it was too simple! 🙂

    Thanx again for your time!

    Best regards,


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Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)