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  • RE: A Lifetime of Software

    My experience working in the industry has been great. I've spent the vast majority of the past six years working on various projects for various small-medium businesses, so i've been...

  • RE: More, More, More

    I'm going to echo the need for better search/article organization. It would be great to have a 'definitive' article on particular subject (as picked by the SSC user-base). My best...

  • RE: SQL Server Ranking Functions

    Michael Meierruth (4/20/2010)


    You state what I always wanted to hear stated, i.e. that ROW_NUMBER()'s ORDER BY is not the same as the SELECT's ORDER BY. Yet, always - haven't encountered...

  • RE: No More NULL

    i also found myself getting worked up over Microsoft saying "screw standards" yet again.

    Oh, Steve. You get me every year.

  • RE: It's about Perception

    I'm forcibly reminded of the recent Verizon Fios commercial, with the Cable guy asking at the focus group:

    "I'm curious why we're listening to customers. That seems dumb."

  • RE: More Fun With NULL

    cengland0 (11/9/2009)

    I almost selected option 6 and then when I double checked my answers, I noticed the tricky char(10) which isn't big enough to fit the whole 'Date is Null'...

  • RE: Choosing a FillFactor

    there's only one real choice for Phil Factor...:-D

  • RE: Placing a Value on Data

    GSquared (8/5/2009)

    You also have to assess the cost of protecting it.

    If your company loses an average of one laptop per year, and spends an extra $100k per year on encrypting...

  • RE: The Reading Poll

    I read between 20 and 30 books a year, almost all of them fiction for entertainment. i don't have a kindle or other e-reader.

    i think amazon messed up big time....

  • RE: I Want a Database

    From the article (Bell speaking):

    This is a memory surrogate, so I think of a machine as a memory aid and then, incidentally, your life ends up there as a residue...

  • RE: Building Your Brand at Work?

    I don't think Steve meant to suggest that blogging or forum posting will get you a job on it's own; merely that it can help.

    for instance: a new dba position...

  • RE: Music for DBAs

    I have a habit of playing the drum parts to whatever i'm listening to by tapping my heels and toes. usually i listen to metal or progressive rock, since the...

  • RE: Documenting Database Code: Structured Headers

    i'm terrible with documentation. i put descriptions into procedures in a comment block up top and have additional brief descriptions for the business functionality of discrret sections within them. i...

  • RE: Back to the Future

    Steve Jones - Editor (6/15/2009)

    Might be a good editorial.

    hear hear

  • RE: Back to the Future is down, pending a new hosting solution. We have to hang out somewhere.

    you could stand between the candle and the flame...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 77 total)