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  • RE: Scheduling latest version of Pkg?

    A quick way of generating the dtsrun command is using DTSRUNUI.

    1.Run DTSRUNUI from cmd prompt.

    2.Connect to the server where the package resides

    3.Select the package from the server (not the version...

  • RE: How do we know indexes are corrupted?

    I have found that corruption can become apparent if you interrogate each index in turn.

    eg. For TableA, with indexes 0 ..3

    select count(*) from tableA (nolock,INDEX(0))

    select count(*) from tableA (nolock,INDEX(1))

    select count(*) from...

  • RE: Log Shipping Tab not found!!!!

    Enterprise manager must have the standby server {+ log shipping monitor server} registered to enable the drop down to be populated.  The standby server should also be enterprise edition and...

  • RE: Job history

    You can alter this setting in the Job system tab of SQLServerAgent properties. 

    Default is 100 job history rows per job.



    If it is simple you are after, have a look at sp_makewebtask in BOL.

  • RE: How many more Mondays until I retire?

    Nice article,  alternatively...

    SET DATEFIRST 1 -- force monday as the beginning of the week

    DECLARE @bdy datetime,

     @RetiralAge smallint

    SET @bdy='24-jul-1971'

    SET @RetiralAge=65

    SELECT  datediff (dd,getdate()+(8-datepart(dw,getdate())),dateadd(year,@RetiralAge,@bdy))/7  as "Mondays till you retire"


  • RE: SQL Profiler - Easy question from a beginner!

    If you set profiler to log to a table, then you can remove any unneccesary statements once the trace finishes.


  • RE: How to find "Licensing" information on installed SQL Server instance

    Or this should give a quick summary of common server info without entering control panel...

    SELECT   CONVERT(varchar(20), SERVERPROPERTY('servername')) as ServerName,

             CONVERT(varchar(20), SERVERPROPERTY('edition')) as Edition,

             CONVERT(varchar(20), SERVERPROPERTY('LicenseType')) as LicenseType,

             CONVERT(varchar(20), SERVERPROPERTY('NumLicenses')) as...

  • RE: sp_help spid???

    With sql sp3 you have another option:

    DECLARE @Handle binary(20)

    SELECT @Handle = sql_handle FROM sysprocesses WHERE spid = 52

    SELECT * FROM ::fn_get_sql(@Handle)

    See BOL for details.

  • RE: 9 Gb Backup?

    As a short term solution, try redirecting the backup to another server.

  • RE: Using ActiveX through DTS packages....

    To get around the xp_cmdshell restriction you can create an unscheduled sql agent job to run a batch file to do your automation.  Then whenever you need to execute the batch...

  • RE: Downgrading Enterprise to Standard

    You should be able to reinstall sql standard on top of the original enterprise edition - I seem to remember doing something similar in the past... Still take backups just...

  • RE: Connection to OLAP with DTS?

    Create a custom connection in DTS using the Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Olap Services 8.0.

    Then query your cube with mdx - use a transform data task to pipe the results to...

  • RE: Scheduled DTS Package

    If you Run the package then

    select top 10 *

    from msdb.dbo.sysdtspackagelog

    order by endtime desc

    You should see all recent logged packages...

  • RE: some time query took little bit long time!!!

    You can alleviate some of the blocking by using a (nolock) hint in your query

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