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  • Cities cross county lines and even state lines (like Texarkana). I lived in one city that was in three, perhaps even four different counties, I don't remember because it wasn't important.

    But the actual area covered by the zip code doesn't cross county lines. I think you'll find that those zips for the sample you showed are separate zips.

    -- Kit

  • GSquared (1/22/2009)

    Zip-code prefixes are state-specific. Can't span states. Lots of them span counties, but they don't span states. Even cities that span state-lines, have different Zip codes the parts of the city in one state vs the part in another.

    A good example is Texarkana, which is a city on the Texas-Arkansas state line. "State Line Ave" runs through the middle of the city. Their TX Zip codes start with 75, while their AR Zip codes start with 71, because those numbers are state-specific.

    To the best of my knowledge, that's not always true any more than NPA's and Lata's which can also cross state lines. I no longer work at the company where we had the state-line-crossing zipcodes documented, but there are several that do especially way out in the west.

    --Jeff Moden

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  • OK, thanks to you all. You've definitely given me the appropriate ammo for the conversation I need to have with some folks today.

    Thanks again.


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