Zip Backups and Copy to Secondary (free)

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  • How can i perform the same in SQLSERVER 2008, I got some errors like

    "'FORFILES' is not recognized as an internal or external command,"

    - Manish

  • Manish,

    FORFILES is an OS function that is probably deprecated in Windows 2008. Fortunately, if you get the latest version of gzip, you can simply use the -r switch to recurse through the entire directory and the -k switch to retain the original file untouched. The latest version of gzip makes having to use FORFILES unnecessary. Using FORFILES was lazy of me.

    Jeff Bennett

  • Hi Jeff

    Thanks for the information, I will look for these.

    - Manish

  • why gzip and not something like 7zip that has more options for configuration?

  • The existing team of DBA's I was hired to assist were more comfortable with gzip because it had been used in their previous lives as Unix gnomes.

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