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  • Nice question.

    The font of the QOD is just huge, it could have been a little bit smaller 😉

  • vk-kirov (11/30/2011)

    Nice question.

    The font of the QOD is just huge, it could have been a little bit smaller 😉


    What program did you use to read same. For myself using MS IE 7 the print was so small as to be illegible. Had to raise the IE size from 100% to 200%.

    Oh well


    If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.


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  • Nice question. XML is one part of the database I am still struggling with. I first ticked the answer I thought was corerct without submitting, then went to the dosumentation to double check - and was relieved to find that my first idea was indeed correct. 🙂

    Oh, and Ron --- you might need to adjust your sarcasm detector; it's malfunctioning 😛

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  • What was with the font size? I had to zoom out to 5% to be able to fit it on my screen! 😛

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  • good question!!!


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  • Sorry for the problems encountered with the font size. While I agree that the font was smaller than expected, I could read it quite well without having to make any adjustments. I'll be more cautious next time.

  • Good question.

    I have learned this one from experience :blush:

    also I don't believe the text() is needed as described in the answer 'name[1]' should work.

    First Page 😀

  • You are correct... the text() is not required.

  • The font of the QOD is just huge, it could have been a little bit smaller 😉

    +1 😛

    Sushant Kumar

  • Should have paid more attention and would have gotten my point.


  • Great question.

    The distinction between referencing attributes and elements is a jumping off point for me to learn more about their relationship.

    The font problem was also fun 'cause it allowed me to cut and paste and stretch and feel like I had achieved something.:-)

  • Great question. An area for me to learn more about.

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  • Interesting change of pace. Thanks for the question.

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