With the Rise of AI Chat, are Experts Still Needed?

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  • This is a very succinct display of the understanding of difference(s) between AI as helper versus AI as substitute.  Thanks!

  • If you are talking to your computer....you need to get a life.

    The closest I come to this is telling some gadget called Alexa to 'Call Ethel' who has her hangout in the other end of the house.  Most of the time I walk down there and park in the Lazy Boy beside her sewing area with a cup of coffee.

    I am mostly an opponent to the whole AI scene.  I would much rather interact with all of you on this website simply because we get involved in real personalities.

    As far as the expert thing, I pretty much have disdain for anyone who identifies themselves with that designation.  No one should ever refer to themselves with that term.

    And THAT is my expert opinion.

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    1. Even though its the vernacular right now we really should stop calling these chatbots AI as they aren't Artificial Intelligence.
    2. As the story already has cited they have failed, in some cases epically, to do what is expected and even if they worked as they should they still are basing info on what they pull from the web and who without an expert there's no way of reliably knowing just how wrong their response/answer is.
    3. I fear these things are goin to set a dangerous precedent where once they fix them so they look like they're working people would start to put too much faith & trust in these things at which point we'll be one more step closer to an easily controlled society. That's not to say they have no use only that once people become dependent on them one need only then control them to control the publics perception about something. Look at how Google eventually transformed into a search engine that tries semi-controlling  perfection thru censorship amongst other techniques.

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  • I think this response from ChatGPT answers the question: "As an AI language model, I don't quote specific sources of information for my responses."


    Unverified input can only result in the risk of BIBO


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