Will it be possible to get SQL 2016 Developer Edition?

  • In today's (December 8, 2015) newsletter there's an article referenced from the MSDN articles on de-normalizing database schema's using JSON that will be a part of SQL Server 2016. As I understand it, at the time I'm writing this question SQL Server 2016 is still in beta. When it is released I'd like to get a copy of it as SQL Server 2016 Developer Edition. That article in MSDN really has me intrigued. I want to play around with JSON in SQL Server, see what it's like, etc. Honestly I can hardly wait.

    So is SQL Server 2016 going to be available in a Developer Edition? And when is it likely to drop?

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  • The Developer Edition should be available when the product is completely released. Right now, you want to use the CTP version which is a free preview for evaluation.

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  • According to this MSDN page a Developer edition will again be available for SQL 2016.


  • Why don't you download a CTP now and play with it?

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  • GilaMonster (12/9/2015)

    Why don't you download a CTP now and play with it?

    Didn't know I could. 😛

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  • SQL 2016 Developer Edition is now FREE when you sign up for "Visual Studio Dev Essential Users":


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