Why would I want to use Compress and Decompress functions?

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    in what live operational or development situation /requirement would I want to use the Compress function?

    like when should i become thankful for Compress and Decompress functions introduced in version 2016?

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    for example when you have varchar max columns that compress very well (like email body (without attachments) and those columns will never be subject to a search.

    in one of my db's that is what I did to the email archive table - size went down from 1 TB to 300GB. (although I did use a inhouse CLR for compression as I implemented this in SQL 2008R2 - but had we been on a version that had compress I would have used it instead)

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    It's also great for the archival of data.  Please see "Example B" at the following link.


    It could also be an easy way to ZIP such data for data transmission files.

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