Which Thursday is the Holiday?

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  • For a lot of companies in the US - the day after Thanksgiving is also considered a holiday.  Another question would be - how would you code to get that day as a holiday?

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  • I'd always use a calendar table, which lets me mark random days (or inconsistent ones) as holidays and join to that table 😉


  • Steve has the better answer, but if you want to do it in code - compute the 4th Thursday then add one day to it.

    declare @d date; set @d = cast('20231123' as date)

    When Month(@d) = 11
    AND DATEPART(weekday, @d) = 5 --Thursday
    and day(@d) > 21
    and day(@d) <= 28
    Then 1

    --Thanksgiving Friday
    When Month(@d) = 11
    AND DATEPART(weekday, @d) = 6 --Friday
    and day(@d) - 1 > 21
    and day(@d) - 1 <= 28
    Then 1
    Else 0
    End as "IsHoliday"

    I don't have SSMS on this computer, so there may be a minor typing mistake (however, it was verified on a computer that has SSMS)

  • The following isn't dependent on DATEFIRST at all.

    DECLARE @AnyYear INT = 2023;
    SELECT ThanksGiving = v1.TG
    ,BlackFriday = DATEADD(dd,1,v1.TG)
    FROM (VALUES(DATEADD(dd,DATEDIFF(dd,3,DATEFROMPARTS(@AnyYear,11,28))/7*7,3)))v1(TG)

    I agree that Calendar table work well for several different things (especially holidays and business day calculations).  Contrary to Kimball, I don't like using an integer as the key on a Calendar table. especially but not limited to when it's a true surrogate key for a date.

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