Where is the Forum FAQ?

  • Where can a forum user find the FAQ or details on how to perform forum actions like deleting a post? I assume you can delete a post but I can't figure out how to, there is no DELETE link like there is an EDIT or REPLY link and its not clear within the interface how you delete the post.


    To that end I'm really surprised that within the Forums home page there's not a section for Forum FAQ or something like it that is obvious and easy to find.

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  • Good point - I don't believe there is one. Usually issues like your delete one are posted in one of the forums under SQLServerCentral.com catagories - the Issues or Suggestions forums.



    But still a good point. Maybe add that in the suggestions forum? In terms of delete, there is a post in the website issues about the same thing. They removed the functionality to delete posts, concerned people would post the question, get an answer and then delete the posts. Some have figured out some way to do it but it's obnoxious as the post still shows up in the list when viewing the lists of posts, you click on it and get a not found error.  Personally I prefer when people just follow up on their post and say its a non-issue or they figured it out and post what they ended up doing. Some people do post they figured out a solution and leave it at that which is not so good as anyone who finds the same issue finds that someone solved it and didn't say how they solved it.


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