Where 2021 Will Take Databases

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  • One of the topics you brought up, Steve, is companies moving to the cloud in 2020 and that you expect that to continue into 2021. I'd like to ask everyone some questions about that.

    I work for a large state department. When COVID hit we put together a website to help with our COVID efforts. That resulted in other websites being brought up to do similar things. One of these is intended to be hosted in Azure. Thinking back on that effort, it began sometime during the summer. I've been incredibly surprised to see how long it's taking. I've participated in several online meetings with Microsoft and many of my colleagues, doing our best to get this app and its database up into the Azure cloud. But at least up to the week before Christmas, it still wasn't there. (That might have changed since I started my vacay Christmas Eve.)

    Things which I hadn't considered was the incredible amount of security procedures, rules in switches, etc. which had to be put in place both on our side and within Azure. Computer security isn't my specialty, so I was overwhelmed to see the sheer number of rules, resource groups configuration, etc. which had to be done and still need to be done! Writing the website was quite easy and quick, in comparison.

    (There was one issue with the website. For reasons I don't know and am not told, most apps we write are based upon .NET Framework 4.5.2. That .NET Framework is something like 6 years ago. But our insistence of remaining with 4.5.2 was the only hold up there was in getting the app into Azure. The oldest version of the .NET Framework Azure accepts in 4.7.)

    I'm sure that many of you have gotten something into Azure, AWS or Google's cloud. Is it common to take 5 months or more, just to get a website and its database, up into the cloud?


  • In short, yes. Moving something that exists and replicating a lot of the initial infra can be time consuming. I've seen migrations take a year.

    However, most of that is learning and understanding, as well as configuring resources. The next time, or for new resources, it is really quick to get things done.

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