When previewing a report it doesn't change the data when I change the value

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    Got some unusual behavior. I've finished writing a SSRS report that gets data from an older version of MySQL (5.1.41). It runs using a view written by a colleague. I've added a bit of logic to filter the data:

    SELECT        Case Number, Case Status, Assigned, Investigation Due, 
    Investigation Completed, Report Due, Report Submitted, Closure Due,
    Closed, Contractor, Investigator, Region
    FROM secretarysreport
    WHERE ((Region = @Region) OR
    (@Region IS NULL))

    If I take the query and put it into MySQL Workbench to run it, specifying something like NW for the region, it works fine. However, when I preview it in Visual Studio 2017, then change the selection (I've specified all valid values for Region), it doesn't change the data returned. Why is that? Why isn't the preview showing the changed value I've chosen when I view it in preview?


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    Studio caches data and uses it for previews.

    Data is stored in .data files in the same folder where your report resides.


    How to clean :  either manually  or  in automated way (see link below)



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    Andrey, I've gotta admit, I didn't see that comin'. OK then, thank you!

    Kindest Regards, Rod Connect with me on LinkedIn.

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