When Are Your Breaks?

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  • It depends...

    It varies based on what is happening that year, e.g. big celebrations, sporting events, etc.

    For example, this year we are having a two-week break, part of which will encompass the Paris Olympics. Usually, we will have a break and travel to the Lake District at some point. That can be anything from a weekend to a full week away.

    Christmas time is when we usually have a full two weeks off work if possible.

    Another thing we like to do in the UK - probably everywhere else that has "bank holidays"? - is to have a long weekend if there is a bank holiday on a Monday.

  • Family vacations happen at various times during various years.

    I always take time at the end of October and early November to bow hunt the rut.

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  • Usually I go with my family to Europe for 2 weeks in July once kids are off school. We use London UK as our base, spend a few days there riding the tube doing touristy things and of course eating fish and chips. Then we get cheap flights to other parts of Europe like Italy, Spain or Portugal and spend a few days there. Kids seem to enjoy it, its a good fun adventure :). This summer we're going to Germany, Dusseldorf and Dortmund, to take in some football matches for the Euros and my wife and daughter are going to see Taylor Swift concert in Switzerland, my daughter is a huge Taylor Swift fan.

  • I've mentioned these before, but will throw them in for any newbies on here.

    When I took my last position as a DBA where I was an employee contracted out to a large company, one of the things I negotiated was being able to take unpaid time off to travel ( including Hawaii and Alaska ) or spend time at our mountain cabin.

    Second,  my wife's graphic design company in Iowa US had web designer employees in Ukraine and Romania, so we scheduled a river cruise across Europe from Amsterdam to Eastern Europe where she met with her folks in both countries.

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  • A couple years back we bought a small camper for the wife and I, and we've been taking camping trips to various state parks near things we might like to do / want to do.  It's worked out well so far, the parks are often nice (we avoid the ones that are RIGHT IN a tourist area,) it's less expensive than a hotel, and we don't need to eat out every meal.

    This summer, we're going to be in the northern part of the state, we're planning to take a day to take our bicycles up to Mackinac Island for a day, ride around seeing the sights.

    We've also got a trip planned (without the camper) to Chattanooga, TN for a convention and I'm on-track to be at the Redgate Summit in Chicago (got a room, so that's the important bit)

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