What's a Toaster?

  • I archived out 500 gb worth of notes from sql to text files. I used built in zip that comes with Windows 2003 and it compressed a 11 gb folder to a 4 gb zip file. I treid winrar and it compressed to 1.1 GB. Big diffrence.

  • I'm surprised at how many are saying Notepad++. That's my favorite too. I just wish my current situation would allow me to use it. So it's back to just Notepad for me. πŸ™

  • For me, DisKeeper. I have been using it since it was a DEC utility.

  • I bet the model of toaster really matters to some one who makes a lot of toast. It probably takes the toaster chef a few more than 10 seconds to choose the toaster. That chef probably reads all the consumer digest guides on toasters. Maybe even has some trade magazine subscriptions. lol.

    When you think about it...anything could be a toaster. Sometimes, maybe we dig too deep into what for others is generic.

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  • As a side note...the toaster I'd choose is #6 of course she's beautiful, but interestingly complex. Though the old chrome Cylons were pretty cool too.

  • Definately Notepad ++ and Firefox πŸ™‚

  • For me, hubs, switches, wireless routers are toasters now. I'm not a network guy.

    I can't think of many software products I use that are toasters. I use Office 2007, Windows XP or Windows 7 (not vista), TextPad, Adobe graphics apps.

    FTP GUI's are toasters.

    I think printers are becoming toasters.

    Speakers to me are toasters.

    Smartphones are close to being toasters.

  • Notepad++ - default text editor in most cases. Just enough extra bells/whistles to be useful over regular notepad.

    7zip - I stopped using Winzip after they went back on their lifetime free upgrade promise. I realized it made very little sense to buy a ZIP utility at that point.

    Flash drives - generally agreed, though I'll tend to shy away from the cheapest of them most times

    Mice - Left, Right, scroll wheel - preferably optical most times - other than that I don't really care. Anything extra is not likely to be needed.

    I can't see a laptop being a toaster for me - that's a significant outlay of my money and I'd do a little research to get a decent brand w/ a reliable product.

    For an anti-toaster I'd nominate IE. I tend to avoid it unless I absolutely need it or it makes my job much easier - some streaming, IE-only sites, Outlook Web Access. I'm glad MS included a browser so we have one in Windows by default, but it always seems to lead to trouble - bad standards, easy malware infection, programming trouble, etc.

  • My toaster is the Find and Replace tool for Access by Rick Fisher (http://www.rickworld.com/products.html). We often use Access as the front end to our SQL Server databases and this tool has saved me tons of time when copying objects and reworking applications. It’s simple, fast, easy to use, and very reasonably priced. There is also a free trial version if you want to check it out.

  • For me - The Office Suite (especially Outlook), Notepad, and any keyboard that is not ergo or wireless (same with the mouse - no wireless!):cool:


  • gabriel.raymer (2/5/2010)

    I'm surprised at how many are saying Notepad++. That's my favorite too. I just wish my current situation would allow me to use it. So it's back to just Notepad for me. πŸ™

    You could get the portable version of notepad++ and thus not have to perform an install. That's just the butter on top of the toast right there.

    Other toast: flash drives, 7-zip, firefox, trillian, keepass, feed demon, screenshot captor

    Feeling hungry now....

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  • True. But they do security scans here and they're not the most friendly when they find unauthorized software on the machine.

  • If you're allowed flash drives you could run it right off that.

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  • Nope flash drives gets us automatic termination. I've got a test box off network that I get to use...just not as much.

  • Brutal....no toast for you then

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