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  • Kathi, interesting writing about using more free time.  I'll pass on to you younger folks that even after eleven years of retirement we still have to think about handling our free time.  My wife and I both have passions about things we enjoy doing, to the point the we need a 'quitting time' for our days.

    Especially for the past year, here in the upper midwest we have had a long cold winter followed by a long hot humid summer with lots of rain and high humidity, so while we love being outdoors it has been easy to 'hibernate'.

    As I've mentioned before,  our free time is what we call 'merlot time'.  For a number of years  my wife ran her graphic design company from our home office, so when I arrived home we would relax together sharing our day's events and a glass of wine, preferably outdoors and with a nice woodfire on our patio.

    Especially now I would encourage you all to make good use of your free time to enjoy each other, and to talk to and hear each other instead of further isolating.   And if you have children still at home,  encourage them to join you and listen to what they have to say.

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  • I try to never let anyone know when I have some "free" time because too many people want a piece of it.  😀

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  • Great post, Kathi! Before the COVID pandemic I would spend 4 to as much as 6 hours a day commuting. Working from home has been, for me, a fantastic time reconnecting with my wife and our children. Learning how I can engage with them more, than I've had a chance to before. This has been incredibly beneficial for all involved. So much so that I really don't want to go back "to the way things were", because of the serious. negative impact it has upon my relationships with everyone important in my life.

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  • My daily commute was around 2.5 hours. The alarm still goes of at the normal time because my wife has to go into work (in a school), so I ended up just starting earlier. We had a really big project on last year that was significantly behind schedule so most of us ended up working the saved commute time in order to catch up. Now that it's over, I'm trying to get into the habit of finishing work at a sensible time and then reading for a bit. That still gives me a much longer evening than I used to have.

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