What is XML?

  • This is really a detailed explanation of XML. I found it very much easier to understand as the examples used are quite self-explanatory.



  • Very good article. For some time I have been trying to look beyond the hype about XML to see where it can be truly useful and where to avoid it. This article helps me to make those decisions. I am truly surprised at how many developers use XML for flat data structures (address lists for example) where a database table or even a delimited text file would be simpler, faster, and would take up less space. Moreover, the data is often simply for display and could be hard coded in HTML without the use of an XML file at all. I think some programmers are too quick to jump on the XML bandwagon without stopping to consider these kinds of issues. It reminds me a little of when JAVA was apparently going to take over the world. Like many technologies, the hype settles down eventually and we use them where appropriate instead of trying to use them everywhere.

  • a developer friend of mine works for a very large company

    they spent a long time and much money converting all of their systems and data handling to use xml instead of their custom methods

    6 months later, and at great expense, they got rid of xml and went back to the old way of doing it

    If I remember, the main reason was performance!



  • "The second one reads "Mustang for sale: $100.000.  5% Discount if you pay with dimes".  My point is that the "Why would I want to?" part can have a lot of explanations.  But it's still up to us to choose one.  In this particular case, I would put $5.000 against my laziness to gather the dimes.  Tuff call... "


    Actually it would be a very simple thing to do.  You write up a check for 94999.80$ and say here's the balance : and give out 2 dimes .  Now you just have to make sure you have proof of the promotion ad and they can't do anything but give you the discount .

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