What Do You Want to Know Before Negotiating Salary?

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  • I think that a couple of better questions to ask your self is do you like your current job and are you happy with how much you're making?

    I've also seen too many times where people go on a money chase and, when they reach their destination, they find it's a horrible match that makes them incredibly unhappy every day.  I do agree that salary size is important but not at the expense of being miserable every day.

    As the old parable goes, make sure you're not jumping from fat to fire.  If you've ever cooked with a cast iron skillet over an open fire or can imagine doing so, you'll understand the metaphor.

    And, yes... I have turned down a job that was less of a commute and would have given me a 20% raise and a signing bonus after just 6 months.

    --Jeff Moden

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  • The question is interesting, but it only takes into account “my side and my interests”, when it could take into account a more, so to speak, symbiotic aspect. After all, job and employer, relationship relationship, and not just cold numbers. Let me cite an example: the motivational factor. Inherent in this factor is the following: If you are motivated in your current job or activity, you can be a motivating agent for your coworkers. It may not seem like it, but this greatly influences the productivity and well-being of your colleagues, and so, from that, the question suggested for the survey has much more amplitude in relation to your employer, that is, your employer is willing to give you Beneficiary because you are a motivating agent for your team and leaders?

    But if you're not motivated and you're just fulfilling your obligations in an automated way, like the instructions in your program's lines of code, then don't expect too much to negotiate. Not even you will be able to enumerate trading factors.

    In the book of Prov. 10:22, it is written: “The blessing of it is that it enriches; and it does not bring with it pain.

    That is, if your current job doesn't make you happy, it's time to think about changing.

    my english is somewhat limited, so i used google translator. Hugs. Jorge de Freitas Silva - DBA - Infraestructure and Security Information.

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