What Do You Want from SQL in the City?

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  • I want SQL in the City to come to South Africa.

  • I'd like SQL in the City to come to Europe, preferably Brussels 🙂

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  • DR and DB Maintenance is always good, Köln or Düsseldorf would be nice 🙂

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  • D.Oc (11/9/2012)

    DR and DB Maintenance is always good, Köln or Düsseldorf would be nice 🙂

    Both are a good 2 hour drive from Brussels.

    Case dismissed. 😀

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  • Somewhere up the north of England, Manchester prefered, London was just to tricky to get to this time around.

  • My Vote: SQL in the City Virginia Beach... Steve Jones comes home. 🙂

  • Sql in the City came to Boston on October 8th. I wanted to attend. However October 8th was Columbus Day and the schools and daycare were both closed. It is easier to take a day off of work than to try to find a nanny for the day. I will try to attend next year. Thanks!

  • In Texas come to the Dallas area, not Austin.

  • Smaller events in more cities works for me! Specifically Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. But maybe wait for the spring; we'll be snowed under until then!

  • Regarding topics I'm interested in...

    After working with SS for almost 10 years, I find myself in the middle of my career, knowing enough to solve the problems I face and knowing where to look when I stumble on something unfamiliar.

    So, while I'll always love technical content, I find I'm more and more interested in hearing where the top folks in the industry see us headed? Where should I be focusing my efforts? What do I need to learn next to stay relevant?

  • Like any other business transaction, I am willing to go to a training event and even pay for it if it brings value. I need hyper-valuable information and I need valuable software tools. I think that Microsoft sets a good example in this area. I have been to a ton of their events, and they always give me lots of things that make me more valuable to my employer and help me do my job better.

  • Don't get me wrong, I love RedGate and the tools they bring to the table are awesome. However, the Chicago SQL in the City felt like a day long commercial for their products. I work for a smaller software company that has a front end to SQL Server and also plays the accidental DBA for numerous clients and I need real world advise not just "go and buy such and such a product."

    Because of our size we don't have the budget for large bundles of software and the licenses to go with them. I came away with some interesting ideas and am all the better for it, but would like to see some good topic discussions and not just product placement.


  • GRIN For all those asking for it in Europe, bah humbug! Keep it here. Do all of them in Chicago, maybe I can convince my boss to let me go! GRIN

    Seriously, though, knowing as far in advance as possible would help a lot of people. In my case, I found out a few weeks ahead of time. I was heavily into a project (ok 12 projects, really) and couldn't do it. Had it been on my calendar when the projects got scheduled, it wouldn't have mattered. Taking a day once we schedule or start the project is harder. We schedule major projects by end of first quarter, but if I knew by say May, I could probably arrange things. I assume a lot of others have similar constraints.

    And I guess it is OK to take care of our friends in Europe. Sigh. Those SQL people are pretty nice 🙂

    PS I once worked with someone from South Afica, one of the nicest, most intelligent people I have ever worked with. So I will support a vote for you to travel there as well. As an alternative, and I am not sure if my friend is back in his country or not, but he could teach it for you. Maybe hosting foreign events taught by natives would be workable.


  • I attended the Seattle event earlier this week. I was concerned that it would be a day-long commercial for Red Gate, and due to pressures at work, I almost blew it off. I'm so glad that I didn't! I found the sessions I attended to be very informative, and have already started applying many of my learnings here at the office. While some (not all!) sessions appropriately demoed applicable Red Gate tools (they did buy lunch [this is an understatement], after all), the sessions were still full of good information. There were some sessions that were obviously oriented toward Red Gate tools, but these were flanked by two other choices, enabling me to choose the events that were more applicable to my needs. I can't say that I'd change a thing. I will definitely attend any other events that come through within driving distance; already looking into the SQL Saturday event coming soon to Olympia.

    FYI, Steve Jones and "Gilamonster" Gail Shaw have a new fan.

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