What do you like for third party database backup/restore for SQL server & Azure

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    Hi all, my company currently uses SQL server native tools to perform nightly backups.    We are a small company and unfortunately do not have an actual DBA - our network admin and group of developers are working together on the backups.   But we are looking into other vendors, such as RedGate's SQLBackupPro, Idera's SQL Safe Backup, and Quest Litespeed to help handle backups as our company is growing.   Our main objectives, which all of these options seem to offer are:  high level of compression, encryption, and ease of restoring.   Just wondering in the "real world" what you have encountered as a good solution, what you find relatively user friendly, etc.   We have an Azure server with about four databases (about 2 GB used space, 250 GB max storage per database) and an on premises server with a size of 1.12 TB).   Thanks for any feedback!

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    All of these products work well for making, compressing, and restoring backups. I'm biased because I work for Redgate, but I'd suggest you download an eval for different ones and try them locallt.

    When you say Azure server, I assume you mean a VM, an IaaS instance set up with the on-premises version of SQL Server. If this is an Azure SQL Database (PaaS), then they handle backups.

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    I was happy with both RedGate & Idera on physical & VM servers at previous jobs. No experience with Azure.

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    To be honest, I've tried several and I prefer the homegrown native backup methods.

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    Jeff Moden wrote:

    To be honest, I've tried several and I prefer the homegrown native backup methods.

    I switched from Quest Litespeed back to native compressed - even on my 3TB+ system.  I get virtually the same compression and performance that I was getting with Litespeed.

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