What do you do to relax after work?

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  • I became a father a nearly two years ago. What does relax mean again? 

    My daughter love Jimi Hendrix so sometimes we kick back and watch rare Hendrix videos on YouTube together. I find cooking relaxing too.

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  • Close the problems with the office door when you leave and leave them all behind. There is no more stressful experience then carry all the issues home and if you are stupid enough maybe you will rant about it to your family. Instead with a smile on my face I greet my family members who are already at home then I sit down and rest in my favorite armchair thinking of nothing, just blank out. Try it, within an hour you will feel reinvigorated. Then have a15 - 20 minutes walk if you have small son or daughter or a dog take it with you. After got home sit down and drink just a little shot of spirit (could be whisky, vodka, I prefer French brandy) I meant a shot not a bottle :-). Help to your wife (if you married) to set the table for dinner and enjoy a dinner with the family. DON'T order any fast food. Apart from ruining your health it is also eroding your relationship with the rest of your family. If you single prepare an easy healthy meal put on a relaxing music (NO RAP, HEAVY METAL or ROCK). Don't go to bed straight after dinner, it is unhealthy to your metabolism. Watch a light possibly humorous Video or some channel on TV with the same style. When you did all this you can go to bed and will have a nice night.

  • It was when I found myself rushing the relaxation exercises that I realised I had a problem.

    I find switching off the TV and radio, avoiding social media and not buying a newspaper helps immensely.

    Swimming  and cycling are great for "brain in neutral" activity that keeps your body mobile.

  • A couple of years ago I started pistol target shooting, because that needs a focussed mind. It worked very well.
    Nowadays, I find my best relaxation doing mantrailing with my dog (English cocher spaniel). (you can see us at work overhere (youtube)and here (FB) 😉 )
    It provides as well relaxation of the mind as physical exercise.
    On a training evening of about 3 to 4 hours, my dog works for about 15-30 minutes, but helping out the others makes me walk about 12 to 20 KM 🙂


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  • Took back up cycling last year, really enjoy that. Now that the clocks have gone back it's light after 18:00, so I can actually cycle into and from work again, which is great when the British weather isn't doing what it's best at (raining). I'll be tying to go out for at least a 40-50 mile ride every weekend until it gets a bit warmer, then I'll be trying to do 80-100 in a ride. Aim is to do a loop around London in the Summer, which is mapped at about 140 miles.

    A few friends and I also try to always ensure we do something every week. We do a board game night every other week (we've been placing Risk Legacy and Pandemic legacy recently, Pandemic is a lot of fun), and the other week generally table top games with a few beers :).


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  • I'm on the exercise side too. Every work day is about the right level for me - cycling, squash, badminton, 5 a side and gym work at the moment. I'll do swimming if that is a reasonable possibility but other stuff takes up too much time right now. Tennis in the summer.

    I like to do stuff with the kids. I might play some video games with them or just watch stuff sprawled on the sofa - right now the BBC Life series, which enthralls them. That is obviously the more quotidian moments when not doing anything more meaningful!

    Reading is the rest of it for me! TV if not mentally up for it and of course a few drinks on occasion.

  • For me it is the beattiful theatres. Relax and disconnect from the world. A couple hours of visual entertainment without any distractions, since my phone is off and nobody can intrupt. I don't read, so this is my storytime. I'm greatful to have so many options in Columbus, Ohio including broadway, ballet, opera, plays, symphony, jazz orchestra and more.

  • Things that work toward lowering my resting heart rate are my favorites.

    Exercise, getting enough sleep and conversation are real joys.

    Watching a movie or a show on TV with my wife is a reliable thing to do.

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  • I mostly game as my avatar suggests. Right now, I've been doing non-stop dungeon crawls in Diablo 3.

    Outside of my computer, I do have a wife and 2 kids (1 and 5). I also love to fish on my bass boat. I'm lucky enough to have a father in-law who has a nice house on a huge lake between NC and VA where I keep my boat at year round. Normally head up there with the kids every weekend, jump on the boat and forget everything.

  • I meditate daily for 30 minutes after I come home.  Then, I listen to inspirational speeches by enlightened, on YouTube, while I prepare dinner.  I usually end up going back to doing work, after we have our dinner.  I am more focused and relaxed to work after the deep meditation. 

  • Like you, I enjoy reading. I've recently started to listening to more audio books. One place I listen is on the treadmill at the Y. 


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  • In summer, I enjoy going dinghy sailing after work. Many sailing clubs are now finding the mid-week race evenings more popular than weekend race days and one factor is getting away from it all - when in the boat everything else gets forgotten as you have to concentrate on what you are doing, the wind, the course and other boats so there is a mental stimulation as well as physical exercise (depending on the wind strength!). Plus the apres-sail social over a beer or two and some food!

  • I do weight training in the evenings. It's a different kind of stress I guess, but in a way as I use my mind and not my body during office hours it makes sense for me to use my body and not my mind after work.

  • Can you explain this "after work" concept you introduced here??

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