Web Service URL Not Working(PowerBI Desktop-Sql ServerReportingServices)

  • Hello Friends,
          I am new to reporting services, I can access my PowerBI desktop report on Reporting Services of web portal url(manager)(http://sivakumar/Reports), but i am unable to access same report on Reporting Services of Web Service URL(Viewer)(http://sivakumar/ReportServer).
    I configured in right way of reporting service and I am using Sql Server Preview Reporting Services Enterprise Evaluation
    I am getting below error ,can any one please help me on it?

  • I got answer from other source
    Power BI reports can only be viewed or downloaded from the portal. If you need to embed Power BI reports use the &rs:embed=true parameter.

  • Sorry I know this is a very old old old post, but hopefully @tibco29 can respond, where did they hear that information, that the Web Service URL is never to be used or never going to work? to only use the Web Portal URL? was there a Microsoft Article or Power BI page/blog that had that info?

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