Visual studio, SSAS and stored procedure

  • I am trying to get data from a stored procedure into my SSAS Tabular model project. This stored procedure accepts few parameters. Is there away to supply the parameters at run time without hard coding it?

  • Could you please tell us a little bit more about your setup?


    There are many ways of doing this, each of which is applicable in certain circumstances. Not knowing those will leave everyone guessing.

  • I have a stored procedure that accepts start and end date as parameters.

    In my VSS project, I selected "Import From Data Source"

    Select Microsoft SQL Server

    Selected "Write a query that will specify the data to import"

    Click on the Design button and select the stored procedure

    When you select the procedure, it asks you to enter values for start and end date.

    I enter the start and end date values and click the Finish button

    What I want to know is when I publish this, it will send the current data set to SSAS. Is it possible to prompt the user to enter the start date time when they try to select the published data.

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