Vagrant and SQL Server 2017 on Linux

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  • Great stuff.

    We’ve done something similar on the DbFit project, but using Chef to pull the installer package from the MS package repo, and install it. On the Vageant VM.

    It’s here if you’re interested:

  • That's great.  I'll have a look to see if I can get DbFit working with Vertica

  • Awesome. We’re always open to contributions!

  • Awesome article (as usual 🙂 ), Dave. Thanks for sharing the info. Two questions:

    • In the network config section, you first show a commented-out line of:
      # "forwarded_port", guest: 80, host: 8080, host_ip: ""
      and the next line shows the "configured" value being:
      host_ip: "127,0,0,1"
      Are the commas instead of periods in the IP address a typo?
    • For getting VirtualBox images, do you have to get them from the Vagrant site, or will Vagrant work with images taken from sites such as OSBoxes ??

    P.S. I am also a huge fan / supporter of DbFit. I even wrote an article about it years ago, here on SQL Server Central (probably obsolete now):  Easy and Repeatable Testing of DB Code (Stored Procs, etc.) with DbFit

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  • Hi Solomon, I've no idea where the commas came from so it's a typo.  
    When you get a Virtual Box image it puts the template for the image in your Windows profile somewhere.  If the box exists on the Hashicorp site it will detect if the template version differs from the one on the site and recommend that you run Vagrant box update.
    If you get your box instance from another site you can tell Vagrant to package it up as a template so you can run Vagrant up.
    I have had virtual boxes from many sources, not just the one mentioned in the article.  I've not always been successful when trying to package them up as Vagrant boxes though.  It's theoretically possible, I just don't know enough to do it reliably every time

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