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  • I've told the story before about my 1st boss losing all his edits on an important document.  As a speed typer there were a few expletives muttered and he started to redo his efforts. 17:29 and the same thing happened again.

    I was staying in the office late because I was meeting friends in town so was witness to this happening a 3rd & 4th time. Before the 5th time he asked me to watch him to see if he was doing anything obviously wrong.

    As he started to type "Functionality" it all became clear. Instead of hitting SHIFT F he was hitting CTRL F.

    File Unload. "Do you want to save changes" No.  There's an irony in having no fun with functionality

  • There seems to be more afoot than the UI itself.  I worked for Citi for 24 years, and the old idiom "penny wise and pound foolish" applies to them.  Citi takes forever before moving to an upgrade of software, often hitting end of life before upgrading.  Reading the comments on the article, most companies stopped using the interface years ago.

  • Upgrading is certainly a issue, but separate. UIs matter, and ensuring they limit confusion is an issue, not particular to this story.

  • Oh, you've mentioned a topic that is one of my highest touchy issues, with UX. Since I'm a developer UI/UX is something, I'm concerned with. In fact, I've subscribed to two email newsletters discussing UI/UX. I don't consider myself to be an artist, but any developer can learn the basics. It frustrates me to write bad UI and UX, per design and spec I've got to follow. I'd better say no more.


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