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    I have rewritten some functions to use CLR (Refgular Expressions), and I need to comsider the implications of using this technology.

    It is for a shrink-wrap product, and the customer base varies wildly.

    So far, the only things I have come up with as potential issues/considerations are:

    Deployment - can this be deployed accross the network, and will sys admins be happy with that?

    Security - CLR needs to be enabled, will DBA's be happy with that?

    Can anyone think of any more considerations?

    Many thanks

  • Jonathan Kehayias

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    If the assembly can be cataloged with SAFE CAS rights, then I don't really see that there would be an issue with most DBA's that have read up on SQLCLR. That being said, there is still a large majority out there who are just anti-SQLCLR, so you might need to have your BOL References ready in case you need them to show what SAFE Access entails. As for deploying it over the network, script the assembly from inside SSMS, and you will get a TSQL script that can create the entire assembly from it's binary object definition. This is the easiest way to deploy a SAFE assembly.

    Other issues, you might watch for, support calls from AppDomain Unloading issues, especially with 32bit SQL Server customers.

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    My answer as DBA:

    -As long as assembly could have permission set to SAFE it is not big problem.

    Of course to the first error with CLR 🙂

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