Users From Hell

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  • Absolutely great! 

    I particularly like "the consultant".  Now I am one of those, though I'm not very good looking, own a BMW or have better luck with the opposite sex

  • Really nice, made me laugh.

    Once had a project involving Crystal Reports. And I told a user that the reports could be exported to excel. But it didn't work the user told me :-(.

    Turns out that the user tried to export the reports by renaming the reportfiles from reportX.rpt to reportX.xls .......


    You must unlearn what You have learnt

  • Great story!

    All these people do exist! Highly enjoyable and nice to know the different kinds are labeled.


  • Very entertaining article!

    We can always remember a person that fits one of the labels.

    But I think that labeling people is a very dangerous way to follow and is a very narrow way of looking at life.

  • All I can say is .... PREACH ON BROTHA...

  • I found my self not only laughing but thinking of people that fit each category.


    We in the IT field (Programmers, DBAs, Admins) must forgive the mere mortals. They no not what we do.



  • This is so true!!!  Especially the evangelist.  What is worse, is I saw the same amount of the evangelist in school as I have in the workplace.  If you even tried to do something in visual studio, there were some profs that would want to fail you, because you did not use VI and gnu to write a C program. 

  • These people exist, and always have, regardless of the technology.  It was great reading it to be reminded that the people I work with really aren't unique.


    I have found these same people also hang around government, or at least municipal government where I have some experience as an elected official.  They come to meetings and imply very clearly we are either slow or stupid and tend to talk to us loudly as if we can't hear very well.  They then go on to point out just how we should do our jobs (to their benefit of course) as if we hadn't already understood all of that several years ago but for financial reasons simply could not implement.

  • I forgot to put in one particular class of user, and I can't think of a smart ass name for them other than "Git".

    The Git insists that some obscure, hard to implement function is an absolutely crucial deliverable to the project.  This function extends the project development timeline (without extending actual elapsed time of course) by a minimum of two weeks.

    On completion of the project a urine sample reveals that you are passing pure caffeine.

    Two years later you are asked to migrate the entire project to a .NET platform and find that, apart from your test data, the facility has never been used

  • David Poole's article should be required reading in every computer class I've ever taken! I have personally met each and every one of his "Users From Hell" myself, and, yes, they are real.

    I'm emailing this to everyone I know.

  • I'd like to say very funny but unfortunately also very true

    Nice to see humour in the midst of this abyss of Users From Hell


    M Saunders

    Web/DB Developer

  • Fantastic !

    An addition would be the "Smoke Blowers" article can be found at



  • True Story from Reality!

    Probably, most of us, especially me, don't have enough <<Persuasion Power>> to convince our boss that what we said is better or at least same good as a consultant's say! While the contents are the same and our internal IT's might be repeated 100 times already!

  • The thing with consultants is that they charge too much to be ignored.

    If the boss hires a consultant and then ignores the consultants advice he may then have to justify the cost of the consultant.

    Employees are cheap.....and expendable.

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