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  • Straight forward question. Thanks.


  • Thanks for the question.

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  • Thanks for the question


  • A little bit tricky. For me it's impossible to notice the reverted order of assignments before a coffee.

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  • Failed (before coffee :doze: ). Urrrggghhh...

  • I missed it. My bad for not reading the code accurately enough.

    Though, with the reversed order of the assignments, one might ownder if the author was trying to educate us something, or if he was us trying to trick us. I would have liked the question more without that trick,

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  • Interesting Question, revising about the issue. Thanks.

  • OK, if I'd read the question a bit more carefully I would have noticed the reversed assignments.

    However, I do wonder if the principal purpose of QOTD is to trick or to educate. If it is to trick, this question worked perfectly with me. If it is to educate, I'm less sure...

  • Failed! - Got too fixated about the time element and missed the order of the between dates

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  • Thank you for the question,



  • Thanks for the question - I have to agree though, that the effort in the question seems more set to trick than to test actual knowledge.

    Guess it makes one double and triple check all questions, as it was set up to be an interesting question even without the trick aspect! I wonder how many people would have got the right answer even without the trick?

  • A trick question with @DATE1 and @DATE2 being swapped but shows the care that is needed when having similar named fields.

  • Of course, failing the question I will argue that this question should be under the category (yet to be added) READING... 😉

  • Dwayne - hope everbody out there is a Red Dwarf fan.

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