Upsize a PowerBI model to SSAS Tabular

  • I saw Jeroen ter Heerdt's explanation of how to upsize a PowerBI model to SSAS tabular... wow, talk about convoluted!  (There's seriously no easier way to do this???)

    I have managed to get the CSV files into SQL Server (finally). but the bananas convoluted transformations in PowerQuery to create the dimension tables are kinda crazy.  I guess if I had to I could strip out all the columns I don't need and insert the unique values into another table... is that my best option?

  • Can you share the link to Jeroen's explanation?

  • Can't find it now... there's this one: Import Power BI Desktop Model to SSAS Tabular 2016 (

    Feels a lot like MSFT really doesn't want you to do that. talk about convoluted!

    Maybe I'm supposed to just do it all on Azure.  move CSV files out of blob storage (or read from there) into a pipeline, into a data model. Do the same with the dimensions. and have a nice day. Or is a dimension hierarchy with 8 levels too deep? If so, how do you split something like that? It works in desktop, it's just crazy slow.

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  • Tabular Editor (I have the paid version) allows you to save the model as a BIM file, but I haven't tested minimum I think you'll have to change some of the model properties (compatibility mode, compatibility level).

    Also have a look at this, which might help: 

    Other than that it is difficult to comment without more information. What exactly are you trying to do? How much data are we talking about?

  • Since I'm in the testing time (30 days or whatever) for Azure, I could maybe upload my data and do it all there.  One of the fact tables feels crazy wrong, so I'd have to sort that out anyway - it's got columns other than foreign keys and numeric values, which, if I'm not mistaken, is going to create an unnecessarily large and not very performant fact table.

    I'll have a look. Thanks Martin!

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