Upgrade SQL Server 6.5 to SQL Server 2005

  • We have 5 databses (master and 4 user DB's) that need to be Upgraded from SQL Server 6.5 to 2005.

    Is there a Standard procedure one can prescribe for the Process.

  • I did look at it.

    I was wondering if I could get something Solid to rely on.

    If there was anyone who succesfully completed the Migration.


  • sqldba.paree (1/19/2009)

    I did look at it.

    I was wondering if I could get something Solid to rely on.

    If there was anyone who succesfully completed the Migration.


    It depends on your own environment. At least, here are some links may help to start with. You need to work out your own plan.



    Yes, 6.5 can be successfully migrated to SQL2000. That is why there is no much 6.5 left, plus MS does not support it for many years already.

  • I tried to follow the steps.

    And was able to Upgrade the SQL6.5 to SQL2000.

    I'm having issues with logins, that need to be migrated from the 6.5 to 2000.

    1.As there is not a Sp_help_revlogin script, for login trasfer between 6.5 to 2000. I'm not able to migrate the logins.

    2.Since, I have been able to Upgrade the DB's succesfully. I went ahead with the next step, to migrate it over to SQL2005.

    I took the 2000 Backup and tried it on to 2005. It restored ok, but after restore, the DB comes with a message ( Pubs( SQL 6.5 Compatible)) and

    the Database is completely unavailable. I cant do anything on it.

    i.e: when I right click on the DB the options are greyed out.

    And there is no expand(+) option.

    Is there a reason for this?

  • First I have to admit that I’m shooting in the dark because I haven’t seen SQL Server 6.5 for many years. After you upgrade the server to SQL Server 2000 make sure that your database’s compatibility level is set for SQL Server 2000. You can use the GUI or sp_dbcmptlevel. Only after you modify the compatibility level to SQL Server 2000, backup the database and then try to restore it to SQL Server 2005,


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  • If you made the jump to 2005 ok you should be able to use:

    ALTER DATABASE database_name

    SET COMPATIBILITY_LEVEL = { 80 | 90 | 100 }

    to fix the compat level.

    Good luck,

  • I was able to bring the DB's workable this time, by changing the compatibility level.

    Thanks a Lot for the Info.

    However, I still have issues persisting with logins.

    Is there a way I can script the logins from a SQL6.5, so that I can transfer them over to 2000

  • Are you dealing with Windows Auth or Sql logins?

  • There are all sql logins.

    I'm trying to script the logins but i'm not able to find the script to do so.

    Something similar to sp_help_revlogin.

  • Hmmm it doesn't appear there is any easy way to do that. Writing a script to add all the logins and resolve the database users should be easy. I can help you write the script if you need it. The issue is you are looking a loosing the passwords and having to do a mass reset.

    Is that an option?

  • Try DBArtisan (free trail) to script login/user. Not sure whether the new version supports SQL 6.5 or not. The old version does.

  • The main thing is not lose the Passwords.

    So, I'm looking to comeup with a script using which I can script the logins along with passwords.

    After I'm ready with the script to generate Logins and passwords from source SQL6.5 , then I would run it on SQL 2000.

    That would be great if you could help me.

  • It's been a long time ago that I updated from SQL 6.5 to 2000, but it seems like there is a DTS task to move log ins.

    Have you tried DTS?

    Thanks and have a NICE day!,


  • DTS packages do not support versions before SQL7.0

    I tried to do the DTS task, and it gave me Server SQL-DMO error.

    Thanks for suggestion.

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