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  • Hi,

    We are updaing a table with some other tables in same database. The table contains 20 lakhs records which is going to be updated. During updating the table Log file is drastically increasing. Total free space in C drive is 4 gb. Log file is resided in C drive. And Database recovery plan is Simple mode. No check point is issueing.

    If total free space is more that 4GB then the update query will be succeded, other wise, free space will be decreased til 0MB. so, We have to moitor it continuously till the query completion. To reduce the increased log file during the update query. what could we do??

    I am tying to run this update quey batchwise. what is your suggestion??

    Thanks in advance.



  • how many times /week/day you load the data?

    If 1,2,3/week change the option model for the database to Bulk-Logged

    and make sure you do a backup log after the transaction is done and a full backup after

    regards lmt

    PS Put an alert on that log file as well!

  • Can you not break the update into smaller chunks?



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