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  • Graham@SQLServer

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    Perth and Western Australia are having somewhat of a boom time due to the demand for Iron Ore. This is having a flow on effect and DBA skills are in demand. I turned down a lower paid job to take up my current contract. I am taking up a another contract soon, with better pay, there appears to be plenty of work around.

  • IceDread


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    Living in Sweden here, times are still good for "IT People". But times were better last year, but there are still no problem this year to get a job for us. We are also somewhat affected by the usa market but usa is not our largest export country, for us that is germany. Industry is getting weaker, as it is all over the world, but it's still going quite strong. As an "IT Person" you need to realise that without the industry you probably are not needed except for a few markets like entertainment, but few will have cash to by something if industry fails and then entertainment fails too etc.

    But anyway, things are good this year but were maybe 1-5% better last year if only looking on how hard/easy it is to get a job.

  • John Magnabosco

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    Based upon my own observations, conversations with others as well as conversations with the consulting firm recruiters the Indianapolis IT Market is superb for SQL Server Developers and DBAs and .NET Developers. This status appears to be maintaining fairly well from 2007.

    Many of the recruiters are saying that there are more opportunities in the market than there are people to fill them. The trick is that they are looking for experienced developers and DBAs... and on the DBA side of the fence it seems like the desired role is DBA/Developer rather than strictly a DBA.

    There are some who may disagree, but it really gets down to the level of experience, reputation and your level of involvement in the community. The old saying of "It's not what you know but who you know" definately applies; Although, I would add "It's what you know that keeps you there."

  • P Jones


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    With the current financial climate I'm reluctant to change jobs. There have been too many cost cutting job losses recently especially outsourcing offshore to cut costs in the UK. I'd love to go contracting but as the mortgage payer I need security.

    The government say there is a shortage of skilled IT people but I don't see it. Last time I job hunted it took me about four months to find a job despite current skills including good SQL Server and apps development. Most of the jobs agencies were advertising just didn't seem to exist when it came to the crunch.

    I'm forecasting a recession despite government attempts to convince us otherwise!

  • Anipaul


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    I am not sure what will be future of openings if the recession goes bad to worse. But I found one thing DBAs are now required by different sectors and this is a good news actually. Even if 1-2 sectors are down DBAs requirement will be there in the other sectors. DBAs will be in more demand in manufacturing, retail, and education sector in the comming months.


  • jleonardi

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    I was in the market for a new DBA job in 2007, based upon a relocation from LI, NY to upstate, NY. There was enough employers looking for Oracle DBAs and with a few looking for SQL server DBAs, I happened to find a job where both skills were required and which I have. I think that the 2008 year will be slightly UP year for people in the DBA arena, the main problem is the uncertainty of the economy. This uncertainty might make it harder to find a Full time position with good benefits, but the demand for contractor type work may balance that.

  • Sean Walker

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    Well, admittedly, I live in a high tech town, so maybe my observations are skewed somewhat. I've had recruiters calling me (unsolicited) at a rate of once/month. All of the people I know, all their firms are looking for IT staff, so all in all, I think 2008 is better than 2007.

  • Ian Massi


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    Up here in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada I'd say things have been pretty good the past few years. Companies hiring people with even a little experience. Then again, like in Australia, the booming base metal prices have something to do with that. I'd say 2008 is going to be better than 2007.

  • Tim Mitchell


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    Judging from the number of calls I get from recruiters (at least 1-2 a week) I would say the DBA market here in the Dallas area is at least as strong as last year.

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  • Mark Bugner

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    Prospects are good on the DBA front in Cleveland/Akron area, as well as the rest of IT. The just is not enough good talent around to fill all the openings in the area. I am just starting a new job next week, for a decent pay increase and a MUCH shorter commute. The recruiters are relentless. If anybody wants DBA opportunities in this area, let me know - I'll get you pointed in the right direction.

  • cy-dba

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    I changed jobs in Oct '07 and the market for SQL Server DBAs was great in the Chicago area. The recruiters/employers were relentless and they said there were more jobs than qualified people to fill them. Now that it is April '08, I still get a few emails a week, and even a phone call every now and then.

    It seems there is still pretty good demand, even in a tighter economy. My guess is that smaller shops may hold off on filling DBA positions while bigger companies still see the value of hiring an experienced DBA and proceed to do so.

  • Steve Nogradi

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    The current job market for SQL Server DBA’s is really good in the San Francisco bay area. I just finished a job search last week, I had an offer letter in my mailbox three weeks after posting my resume on dice.

    Most companies appear to be looking for full time employees instead of contractors, it was about a 50/50 mix during my last job search in Nov 2006 and almost all contracts positions in Sept 2004.


  • Bill Stutters

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    In the Denver area, the job situation seems to be about the same as last year. Everyone is looking for senior level people with over five years of experience. This is for both SQL Server and Oracle. Everyone wants RAC or clustering experience along with production and development experience. If you don't have 90% of what the company is looking for, don't bother applying. They would rather wait months for the right person than hire and train someone.

  • tosscrosby


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    Another from Chicago. The market was very slow at the end of 2007, surely due to the holidays and end of year vacations. I had about 6 interviews in January of this year and landed a very good job in early February. Since then, I must've had a dozen emails/phone calls about other opportunities. Most looking for well qualified DBAs/developers for a wide variety of industries (especially financials and healthcare). Early indications are looking good here but they are being very selective. Not seeing much for newbies and very few for mid-level positions though.

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