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  • There is a little mistake: you don't need tags <strong> and </strong> in question.

  • The 'strong' tags means that there is an error, which needs correcting before it will run. Then when it runs it gives the warning, so it either has two answers or it is incorrect to say it gives a warning and completes when it actually gives a syntax error first.

  • tags almost made me choose the wrong option.

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  • Tags DID make me choose the wrong option. I assumed it was asking about some subtlety of how sqlserver deals with unexpected xml elements. As such, I too reckon I was actually right to say it needs correction :o)

    -------------------------------Oh no!

  • The query must be corrected before it can run. The < symbol is interpreted as LT, not as XML, so the query will not compile.

    A badly needed point denied us ... ;-((



  • The question was about running the code. The code will not run the way it is written. Afte getting it wrong, I tried the code and received an error. Thus, the code needs modification to run. If you are planning to post more questions, please try it before submitting it. The point should be given to all who answered that the code had to be modified.

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  • The tags are not valid SQL Server syntax. The correct answer should be Statement needs some correction for compile.

  • I am agrry with sjimmo..

  • --- Incorrect syntax near '<'. ----- They got it wrong.

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  • Agreed. Put needs some correction before running because of strong tags... got it wrong, so I tried it on local server. It DOES need correction before running...

  • Msg 102, Level 15, State 1, Line 1

    Incorrect syntax near '<'.

    Agree with others, i'm so used to taking things verbatim that i kinda wondered if it was a trick question, either way my "needs correction" answer was wrong :angry:

  • I had the correct answer selected, then looked it over 1 last time and saw the tags. I changed my answer and promptly got it wrong. To be fair though, if I had thought about it for just another 10 seconds, I would have ignored the tags. They are not in the newsletter.:cool:

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  • Not wanting to be antagonistic or anything, but given the question and answers (ie, what the question is trying to get across), and the fact that the STRONG tag is a well known HTML tag, it doesn't take much to figure it's a badly formatted question as opposed to intended.

    I did actually get it 'right', but I suppose the simple fact is that the code will not run as is, and so anyone that answers "The code needs changing" should be awarded a point until the QotD is updated...

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  • Msg 102, Level 15, State 1, Line 1

    Incorrect syntax near '<'.

    So I think it's the last answer, query need some correction before compile!!!!!

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