Unable to load client print control

  • RickyZX

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    My users have a problem printing reports from Report Manager.  The message "Unable to load client print control" comes up when the print icon is clicked in Report Manager.

  • Aaron Ingold

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    Your users are running under low-priviledge accounts which cannot install the print control. If you have centralized software deployment you can deploy the control stored in Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.?\Reporting Services\ReportServer\bin\RSClientPrint.cab. Once it's installed they shouldn't have a problem printing.

  • RickyZX

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    Thank you for your reply, but can you be a bit more specific and detailed about how and where to deploy the print control that you mentioned above.

  • Moses Kingsbury

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    Here are the steps for manually installing the .CAB file:


    1. Download the .cab file and save it on your desktop.

    2. After the file is saved on your desktop, right-click the Iuctl.cab file, and then click Open

    3. Select all the files that are listed. To do this, point to the file list, and then press CTRL+A.

    4. Right-click the files that you selected, and then click Extract.

    5. Select a known location, and then click OK. For example, select the desktop. 

    6. Locate the file where you extracted it. For example, locate the file on the desktop.

    7. Right-click the RSClientPrint.inf file, and then click Install.

  • Steve-379478

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    Is there any automated setup for this? I need to deploy this to 600 PC's and have SMS but can not think of a way to easily do this with it.

  • David Perez V

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    Has somebody found a working solution for this problem? The same is happening to a Server on my company. It's a Terminal Server that users log in to work with the applications that they use every day. The applications are using ReportViewer to display their reports, but when they try to print the report, it shows "unable to load client print control". I have been working on the issue and made some tests. Using the internet explorer to print gives the same result. Any users without Administrative rights will fail to get the reporting service dialog (IE printing dialog doesn't have problems). The last I tried was to add one user to the Administrators group and when he logged in and tried to print from the report on the IE it worked, however IE never asked to install the control, it just displayed the dialog, then when I removed the user from the Administrators group the problem returned. Could it be some Windows policy that it's causing the problem? :crazy: I have tried copying the files on system32 and registering the dll, then using the cab from the RS Directory to install it on the client, I even monitored the registry and files in hopes of it being some permission problem but nothing... My server is a Sun Fire X2100 running W2k3 R2 Std SP2 X64 and SQLServer/RS 2k5 64bits SP2.

  • Daniel Galle

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    Good afternoon!

    We have the same problem.

    When I open a website with the a RS report, I get an error message, that IE is unable to load the client print control.

    Even if I install it manually I get this error message! Any idea / solution?



    EDIT: If I open the SAME REPORT directly through http://[reportserver]/reports I'm able to print?!?!?!?!?!?

  • samiam914


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    My ID has local admin permission on my machine; So, I am able to print without a problem.

    When I log into my mahcine with a different ID (let's call this ID2) that does not have local admin authority, it fails.

    So, I tried to install using ID2 RSClientPrint.inf by right clicking on it, I get a message "Installation failed".

  • Bart Hayes-427724

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    There's a couple of Security updates that seem to break the print control. They are designed to protect your machine against rogue activex controls but obviously Microsoft never considered this side effect.

    If you go to control panel | Add/Remove software and make sure the 'show updates' checkbox is checked, you can look for security updates 956803 and 956391 (mine were installed 15 Oct 2008) and remove them. The machine will need to reboot and you will get warnings about other software that may not work properly, just go ahead.

    After doing this on my machine I was able to print from the Report Server again.

  • Low Rider


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    Hi Bart,

    we had a similar problem which was resolved by your post.Thanks a lot.

    Can we know how u found the resolution of the problem.

    thanks again.

  • Greg Baethke

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    We have the same problem. As a quick test, I uninstalled the hotfixes listed above from my desktop machine and the print control started working again for me. In an organization with 1200+ desktops, uninstalling these patches may not be the best permanent fix for this problem.

    We are also looking into the possibility of applying KB954606 to the SQL Server which is supposed to fix the problem as well. We have not tested applying this KB yet and we are weighing both options to determine the best permanent fix for our organization.

    HTH, Greg

  • ljones27

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    I have the same problem.

    Has anyone tried the KB954606? Did it work?


  • Greg Baethke

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    We applied KB954606 to our development SQL 2005 Server. I then found another user with the same problem and had him test a report deployed to this server before and after applying the patch. Before the patch, the print control failed with the same error message; after the patch, the print control worked.

    We are planning on applying this fix to our production servers soon.

    Thanks, Greg

  • barriet

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    Hi Bart

    Thanks for the info. Removing update 956391 fixed the problem for us. Ain't Microsoft Wunnerful?


  • John Kandrovy

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    For anyone out there... checkout this link from microsoft to fix 2k and 2005 Reporting services, Win2003 servers, XP, vista....etc for the Kill Bits patch.

    Question though... has anyone run into an issue where the Reporting Services is updated with the new patch but the client is not? We are debating on if our reports will still be able to print without the new update.

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