Unable to Kill Process :dbcc inputbuffer

  • Hi,

    Trying to kill this process using kill 14 but does not

    work. dbcc inputbuffer(14) shows the following.

    How can I force to kill this process which has run a few

    days ago on NT4 using MSSQL 7.0?

    I am supposed to restore a database but it prompts me that the database is currently in used. I did check the processes currently running and it show that SPID 14 is runnable. This is the reason why Im trying to Kill the Process.

    Please advise. Thank you.

  • There's no "following" that explains what you see.

    However likely if you can't kill the process, you'll need to restart SQL Server.

  • You can't kill system processes, and from the value of the spid, that's likely a system process.

    Why do you want to kill it?

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  • Almost a four year old thread.

  • Lynn Pettis (4/7/2014)

    Almost a four year old thread.

    BWAAA-HAAAA!!! (Sorry... did that come out loud?) 😛

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